Putting The Wrong Petrol In Car – What To Do?

Putting the wrong petrol in your  car can lead to serious and permanent damage to the vehicle. Most times it is when petrol is put into a diesel car or the other way around. Some damages from putting the wrong fuel in your car include contamination with the fuel system and damage to the engine. The best way to prevent damages after putting the wrong fuel into the car is to contact a mechanic before starting the car. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics will perform Car Repair services when the wrong fuel has been put into the car. 

When putting the wrong petrol into the car the best steps to follow are:

  1. Do not start the engine to prevent the fuel from flowing around the engine
  2. If the car has been started, try to stop as soon as possible to prevent further damage
  3. Place the car in neutral and push it to a safe location
  4. Contact a mechanic to drain the fuel and repair any damages to the engine

Putting The Wrong Petrol In Car What To Do

What To Do if You Put the Wrong Petrol in the Car?

Putting petrol into a diesel engine car or putting diesel fuel into petrol cars is something that should be avoided. Petrol fuel tanks and diesel tanks are meant to store the correct fuel and have it run throughout the car. When the wrong fuel is added into the car here are the steps to follow:

  1. Make sure to not start the car to prevent the wrong fuel from circulating within the car. When the car starts with the wrong fuel in it, the chance of permanent damage and costly repairs increases. If knowing that the wrong fuel was inserted, do not start the car or put the keys in the ignition.
  2. If already driving and the wrong fuel has been put into the car, when it is safe turn off the car. Stop driving as soon as possible, turn off the car and park in a safe place.
  3. The next step is to put the car into neutral and if needed push it into a safe, flat location.
  4. Contact a mechanic or another professional to help, such as roadside assistance, to drain the fuel from the car. 

What Happens if I Put the Wrong Petrol in My Car?

When the wrong fuel is added into the car there can be serious damages that may lead to costly repairs. It may not appear critical but diesel and petrol cars are designed and made in different ways to work with the specific fuel type.

Common Signs

If not knowing immediately after putting the wrong fuel into the car there are a few signs that can help indicate the wrong petrol has been used. These include:

  • Struggle to turn the car on
  • A rough drive
  • The engine is smokey and the exhaust pushes out a large amount of smoke
  • Power has been completed lost

Petrol in a Diesel Car

When petrol is inserted into a car meant to run off diesel, this is more of a serious problem than diesel in a petrol car. The reason why it is so dangerous for the system is that diesel works as a lubricant when it works in the car to ensure the fuel pump can work properly. Petrol will not work as a lubricant in a diesel car which causes parts inside the diesel engine to scrape. The friction will cause damage to these parts and the more the car runs with petrol over diesel means the problems will increase. 

Diesel in a Petrol Car

If diesel is added into a petrol car it is not as bad for the engine as if petrol would be added into a diesel car. It is still not recommended as the petrol car is still meant to have petrol added into it. Diesel in the petrol engine may clog up the spark plugs and the fuel system, leading to the engine not starting.

How to Fix Wrong Petrol in the Car?

Most times the fuel will have to be drained from the fuel tank and some parts replaced. These could include the injector, fuel rail, fuel pump or any other part that the fuel entered. Most times the diesel fuel systems that had petrol run in them will need more repairs than the other way around. A licensed mechanic will know how to find and diagnose the problem to determine what types of repairs or replacements are needed.

How Much Does it Cost if I Put the Wrong Fuel in the Car?

The damage that the wrong fuel did will determine how much it will cost to repair the engine and fuel system. The type of car, how big the engine is and if the engine was started or not with the wrong petrol in the car will influence the price as well. For a fuel disposal and little repairs, it can approximately cost $200 – $300 to fix the issue. If the engine was severely damaged after the fuel flowed through the system while driving the costs to fix the issue can be as much as $9000. 

Trusted Mechanics in Sydney for Northern Beaches Locals

Peninsula Auto Clinic and our fully qualified mechanics are here to perform servicing and repairs when the wrong fuel is in the car. Our team will know how to inspect the system and determine how much damage has occurred. We will reliably drain the fuel and ensure the system will be repaired correctly where needed.
We offer our Car Service work to the whole Northern Beaches, including Whale BeachPalm Beach and Avalon. Located here on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale we are here to help when the wrong fuel was added into the car!