Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

The steering wheel shaking can be from numerous different issues with the car. Most times it is from problems with the tyres, suspension or brake rotors that result in the wheel shaking. When the problem is occurring the best step in resolving the issue is to have a mechanic fix the problem. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics are here to perform Car Repair work and fix any shaky steering wheels! 

The main causes for the steering wheel shaking are:

  • Tyres are unbalanced
  • Brake rotors are experiencing issues
  • Suspension system has worn parts

Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking

What is Causing the Steering Wheel to Shake?

There are many reasons why the steering wheel is shaking and most times it is not from the actual steering wheel. Different parts connected to the steering wheel are why the shaky steering wheel occurs. Below are three of the more common causes for this issue and will often need a mechanic to resolve the problem. 

Unbalanced Tyres

Tyres not being balanced are one of the more common reasons for shaking steering wheel issues. When they are not aligned correctly or are unbalanced then the wheels will shake the whole vehicle including the steering wheel. Driving at high speeds over lower speeds is when the shakiness is more noticeable. Often after driving over 80km/h is when the car and steering wheel will noticeably shake. 

Inspecting the tyres is important to know if they are causing the shakiness to occur. Performing a wheel alignment and tyre balancing check and looking over all parts of the tyre, such as the tyre tread, is needed. If the tyres are not correctly aligned or are unbalanced then the mechanic will ensure that each wheel is driving correctly. The tread will also be looked at to ensure that if it has worn unevenly that rotating the tyres might be needed. 

If the tyres are in good condition but the steering wheel continues to shake then the parts between the wheels and steering wheel might be the problem. The axle might be bent or damaged which might be preventing the tyres and steering wheel from properly moving together. The tyres themselves might not be in the best condition, such as the tie rod ends, ball joints or wheel bearings not being correctly secured. These problems can all result in the steering wheel shaking due to problems with the tyres. 

Brake Rotor Problems

The brake rotors may be the cause of the steering wheel shaking when driving. When the rotors begin to wear out, warp and lose their shape this can cause vibrations to occur in the steering wheel and sometimes brake pedal. With the braking system being extremely important, when there are vibrations occurring from the system then the problem is serious. 

The worn or warped rotors may have been installed poorly leading to the brake pads not being able to clamp together correctly. A damaged or warped brake pad might be the issue if the rotors are in a healthy condition. When the steering wheel shakes and if it is from the braking system then it is important to have the entire system inspected and repaired. 

Suspension System Issues

The suspension system might be the reason why the steering wheel is shaking over the brakes or tyres. The shaking vehicle, including shakes with the steering wheel, can be from the ball joint being worn. This issue is common in older vehicles which can easily cause the car and steering system to shake. 

If any suspension part or component becomes damaged or loose then when driving over 70km/h the car and steering wheel will shake more noticeably. To avoid major damage to the suspension and prevent safety hazards it is important that a mechanic looks at the system as soon as possible. 

How Do I Know What is Causing My Steering Wheel Shaking?

The best way to diagnose how the steering wheel is shaking is for a mechanic to look at the car. Performing a vehicle inspection is strongly recommended as there are many reasons why the steering wheel could be shaking. Problems with the tyres, brakes and suspension are common causes but there are also many different reasons as well. 

These can also be from problems with the air introduction, fuel delivery system to the spark system which can shake the steering wheel. A mechanic will be able to find the exact issue then perform any needed repair to stop the steering wheel from shaking. 

What to do When the Steering Wheel Shakes?

When the steering wheel begins to shake the main action to take is to organise a mechanic to look at the problem as soon as possible. With a shaking steering wheel, the problem is not often with the steering wheel but with another system of the car experiencing a problem. This means that the reliability, efficiency and safety of the drive are negatively affected which is why an inspection and repair should occur as soon as possible. 

Trusted Mechanics for the Northern Beaches

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here with our fully qualified mechanics to help with steering wheel shaking issues. Our team will be able to find the cause of the steering wheel shaking and ensure that it is repaired as soon as possible. We operate with the best tools and techniques to make sure people can drive safely without a shaky steering wheel and underlying problems.

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