What Do You Need For An eSafety Check?

There are many requirements needed to pass an eSafety check to ensure your car can be re-registered. Cars more than 5 years old will require an eSafety check (commonly known as  Pink slips) for registration renewal. Pinks slips checks include a safety inspection test and a later inspection report declaring if the vehicle passed or failed the safety check inspection. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics will perform pink slip services for Northern Beaches locals and all light vehicles.

A pink slip or eSafety check is for an unregistered vehicle or a vehicle older than 5 years old and needs to be re-registered. Before a pink slip inspection, it is important to check the car and have issues repaired before. This is to prevent a failure on the eSafety check and for the need and cost to redo the service.

What is an eSafety Check?

What Do You Need For An Esafety Check

An eSafety check is a type of inspection and registration renewal process for light vehicles that are unregistered or older than 5 years old and need to be re-registered. A mechanic performs the pink slip service It costs around $42 for the inspection for light vehicles, $22 for motorcycles, $22 for trailers with no brakes and $33 for trailers with brakes.

When the inspection has occurred and it was a success then the mechanic will send the reports to Transport for NSW. If it was a fail then a Repairs Needed report will be given and all the repairs will need to be completed within 14 days. If the repairs were not complete during this time a new pink slip will need to be paid. 

For more information about what a pink slip is and why you need one, our blog provides further important information. 

What Should I Do Before an eSafety Check?

Since a pink slip is an important inspection to have the car eligible for re-registration, having the car inspected and any issues repaired before the eSafety check is advised. A guide on what to do before an eSafety check follows:

  • Tyres – all four tyres will be checked during the pink slip inspection for their tread quality, general condition and whether they are balanced and aligned. Undergoing a tyre repair and replacement service is advised for a mechanic to ensure the tyres are correct. If they are in bad quality and need replacing then it can be done reliably.
  • Oil leaks – oil leaks should be checked and can easily be done by looking for any. Oil, radiator and other forms of car liquid leaks often mean that there is a hidden problem inside of the car. If the car is leaking oil or other liquid then going to a mechanic before the pink slip to fix the problem is encouraged. 
  • Seatbelts – The seatbelts of the car will need to be checked to ensure they function as they should. Looking over all the seat belt components, such as the anchor points, seat belt lock or retractor, to ensure they are not damaged is important. If the seatbelts are damaged and a pink slip is needed
  • Lights – the headlights, brake lights, indicators, dashboard lights and all other lights of the car should be looked at. If they are dimmed, do not turn off or experience any other issue then repairing them should be organised.
  • Wipers – if the wipers are scrapping the screen or not correctly removing water then they should be looked at.
  • Car doors – if the car door is broken, such as the ability to close and open them or to lock and unlock them, having repairs will ensure they will work correctly.
  • Vehicle body – if the vehicle’s body is scratched then it can still function correctly and pass the pink slip. If there is rust forming on the vehicle’s body or large cracks or indents then these are more major and will need repairs to ensure the car can successfully pass the eSafety check. 
  • Engine – there are many components of the engine so undergoing an inspection for a mechanic to find any issues then repairing them is advised. 

Professional Pink Slip Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here with professional eSafety Check services for any person living on the Northern Beaches. Our fully qualified mechanics will perform the pink slip service for any light vehicle and perform it properly. Where needed we will perform a Car Repair to ensure that the car can pass the eSafety check. 
Our pink slip services and safety inspection Car Service is here for all Northern Beaches suburbs, including Mona ValeWarriewood and Ingleside. For the best eSafety check work rely on Peninsula Auto CLinic located here at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!