European Cars vs Asian Cars – Which Has More Problems?

Comparing European and Asian cars is important when buying a car to help decide which one to purchase. Looking at the popular brands of reliable car makers, European and Japanese vehicles are often high quality cars and extremely reliable. Car buyers should compare the fuel efficiency, reliability and longevity of the different European and Japanese cars. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer Car Service work to all European cars and Asian cars for Northern Beaches locals.

European and Asian cars are both trusted but each have their benefits over each other. European cars are often greater in performance while Asian cars are more reliable. Most are fuel efficient cars and in terms of styling each car brand, whether it be European or Asian, have their unique aesthetics.

European Cars Vs Asian Cars Which Has More Problems

What are the Differences Between European Cars and Asian Cars?

Asian and European cars and the many brands within them are known for their main characteristics. In general Asian cars are more reliable, cheaper to repair and have a longer lifespan. European cars often perform better on the road, are more expensive to repair and are considered more luxurious.

European Cars

European cars are some of the highest performing cars and are good with handling. They often have more acceleration, grip and power compared to Asian cars. This is because the cars are made with more expensive parts as well as being designed to be sturdy and strong.

Due to this,’ European cars’ have a shorter braking distance and’ when in an automobile accident’ protect people better. European cars are also more expensive due to the higher quality design, build and brands. For higher performance, more luxurious and better handling’ but also more expensive cars European brands will often be the best.

Common European car brands include:

  • Audi – Germany
  • Volvo – Sweden
  • Mercedes Benz – Germany
  • Alfa Romeo – Italy
  • Mini – United Kingdom
  • Volkswagen – Germany
  • BMW – Germany
  • Fiat – Italy
  • Mini – United Kingdom
  • Renault – France

Asian Cars

Asian cars are more affordable cars but are still designed and built to last long, be safe to drive and are also reliable. Compared to European cars, Asian cars will not be as good in performance, handling and speed’ but they will last longer and are much less expensive to repair and do not need as much maintenance.

When these cars are properly driven and maintained they will last a long time and when needing repairs’ they will not be as expensive. The cars still drive safely and well in general and are often the favourite pick for those needing a reliable and low maintenance vehicle. Asian cars contain their value as they age compared to European cars which most times value less as the years pass.

Common Asian car brands include:

  • Toyota – Japan
  • Mazda – Japan
  • Kia – South Korea
  • Subaru – Japan
  • Hyundai – South Korea
  • Nissan – Japan
  • Mazda – Japan

What are the Pros and Cons of European Cars and Asian Cars?

EuropeanFast and good at accelerating
Considered the best for overall driving performance
Handles well
Powerful cars and systems
Better grip on the road
Brakes and safety are great
More expensive to purchase and repair
Value of most cars go down each year
Have a shorter lifespan compared to other car brands
AsianReliable and safe to drive
Cheaper to purchase and maintain
Simpler designs and drives well
Longer lasting
Value does not go down as easily or retains as the years pass
Not as good with speed, handling and overall performance

Professional Mechanics Working on European Cars and Asian Cars

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here with fully qualified mechanics to work on European and Asian cars. We will perform Car Repairs and other mechanic services on these vehicles using the right tools and techniques. We understand how to work with any car and adapt our services to operate on each vehicle properly. Each mechanic will complete the task correctly, safely and always perform the job professionally.

Our mechanical services are here for all Northern Beaches suburbs, which includes NewportChurch Point and Bayview. Located here at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale our mechanics will always perform reliable work on all European cars and Asian cars!