Can Any Mechanic Work On Subarus?

A Subaru should be worked on by a Subaru mechanic who is familiar with the brand and all the unique repairs and issues. Any mechanic can work on Subaru cars however mechanics who have trained to be a Subaru specialist are more reliable and knowledgeable. They will understand how to properly work with different Subaru models and perform Subaru servicing and repairs more efficiently. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our certified mechanics are Subaru mechanics and are trained to professionally work with all Subaru parts, systems and cars. 

Any qualified mechanic will be able to work on a Subaru but a Subaru mechanic will have more knowledge. When performing mechanic services and maintenance they will understand what exact systems to look over and what to find. Common Subaru problems, such as oil leaks and head gasket issues, will also be correctly repaired by the specialised mechanic. Having your Subaru car serviced by a Subaru mechanic is highly recommended to ensure the vehicle is properly worked on and always running in peak condition.

Can Any Mechanic Work On Subarus

What are Common Subaru Problems?

The main problems that a Subaru mechanic often fixes with Subarus are:

Oil Leak

Subarus like other cars will leak oil at times but this is a common issue with Subarus. Most of the time the front engine oil will leak because of camshaft seal failures. The seals and timing belts will be fixed to resolve the Subaru oil leak. Subaru models between 2000 – 2003 are more likely to experience the oil leaking issue as well.

To know about why your car might be leaking oil our blog offers examples of different reasons for the issue.

Head Gasket Issues

The head gasket is where the car’s coolant and engine oil flows within the Subaru. When the head gasket has an issue then the coolant and engine oil will often leak and drain more quickly. If you notice your coolant and engine oil levels are lower for unknown reasons it may be because of the head gasket. If the exhaust has a stronger smell this might be because of the head gasket leaking oil into the system

As head gasket issues are common problems relating to Subarus, mechanics trained in Subarus will have the car repaired correctly. Often after eight years or 160,000km is when the problem forms and a mechanic will have to repair it.

Oxygen Sensor Errors

The sensors of Subarus, in particular the oxygen sensor, might crack and cause the ‘check engine light’ to trigger. When this happens a Subaru mechanic will need to replace the sensor as soon as possible.

Car Light Problems

The headlights within Subaru models are often known to have a smaller lifespan and will burn out quicker. The brake lights not working when the brakes are pressed are other common light issues with Subarus. Mechanics working on the Subaru repair will make sure that the correct light is replaced depending on the type of model. 

Car Air Conditioning Issues

The car’s air conditioning might experience problems and Subarus have common issues with their aircon units. Often the issue is that the car will only blow warm air out into the car when cool air is wanted. The O-ring seals often need to be worn out and be replaced with a new one by the Subaru mechanic. Air conditioning refrigerant leaks might also be the cause of a fault ac system in the car. 

Inner Joint Boots Problems

The axle of Subarus have two joints that connect the wheels to the suspension. Each separate joint will have its own grease to help it move and function properly and is stored inside of a rubber boot. This inner joint boot is near the exhaust system inside Subarus and is likely to wear out. Burning smells are often more frequent with this problem and are a warning sign that a Subaru mechanic should inspect the issue. 

Front Suspension Issues

Often within Subarus, the front suspension will wear and tear more frequently and will need parts replaced. Drier climates will also increase the speed that these parts dry out and will snap or scratch. Most times the mechanic will check the suspension system and determine if the parts will need to be replaced.

Where Can I Get My Subaru Serviced?

Peninsula Auto Clinic has the best Subaru Mechanic team to perform a variety of services with Subarus. Our fully qualified mechanics have over 25 years of experience working with Subaru cars and performing a wide range of tasks. We will be able to repair and service any Subaru and perform specialist services such as  Subaru log book servicing. Each Subaru mechanic will operate on the car safely and correctly to ensure the service is completed professionally. 

Our Car Service and Car Repair work go across all types of Subarus and other car models and brands. We are the best place to receive auto mechanic services across the whole Northern Beaches, including Warriewood and Clareville. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, we are here to offer professional Subaru services to anyone from Monday to Friday!