Brake Repairs & Replacements – Everything You Need To Know

Brake repairs and replacements are important brake services to ensure the brakes function safely and correctly. Repairing or replacing parts of the braking system will be carried out by licensed mechanics. This is to ensure the parts and systems are professionally worked on, tested and guaranteed safe to work. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer trusted brake specialists and mechanic to perform any kind of brake service on any car. 

Brake repairs and replacements on average cost from $150 – $1000 depending on the types of jobs involved. The most common tasks performed during the brake service are brake system flush, brake pad replacement, master cylinder repairs and brake rotor, disc and calliper repairs. Common signs that a brake service is needed is when the cars:

  • Brakes squeak 
  • Brake warning lights are on
  • Handbrake struggles to hold the car
  • Brake pedal is weak
  • Overall braking performance is negatively impacted

Brake Repairs Replacements Everything You Need To Know

What is a Brake System Flush?

A brake system flush is when the brake fluids are completely flushed out of the car and replaced with new fluid. It is important that the brake fluid levels are correct to ensure the braking system can correctly function. Parts are lubricated and can move smoothly when there is enough fluid but will scrap and be damaged if there is too little. 

Most brake fluid replacement services will cost from $70 – $120 but can be more depending on the type of car. The mechanic performing the service will work under the car, access the brake callipers and drain the whole system reservoir. The correct fluid will also be inserted into the car along with the correct brake fluid level. Most times during a general Car Service the brake and other car fluids will be topped up as a part of the different tasks performed. 

To know more about brake fluid and how it works and the services around it we highly encourage reading our blog for more information. 

What is a Brake Pad Replacement?

The brake pad is the part that sits inside the brake calliper and behind the metal disc or rotor. The pad is what will be pressed onto the rotor to have the car stop when driving. They will often break and wear down as the car drives and eventually will need to be replaced. On average it will cost from $180 to $400 to have the brake pads replaced spending on the car model and size. 

It is important that the brake pads are replaced when they begin to fault to ensure the car will brake easier and safer. Squeaking and other potential problems will also be avoided by having the brake pads replaced. It is important to have a licensed mechanic replace the brake pads as incorrectly replacing them can lead to the brakes not functioning correctly and stopping the car. 

What is a Master Cylinder or Wheel Cylinder Repair?

The master cylinder is the place where the brake fluid is stored then transfer it to the wheel cylinder. This fluid is important in working the different parts of the braking system, such as the brake pads. If the master cylinder or wheel cylinder is broken then the fluid can leak and not enter the parts where it should. Repairing these parts costs on average $250 – $400 and will be repaired by certified mechanics. 

What Does Repairing the Brake Rotors, Discs and Callipers Look Like?

The disc brakes, brake rotors and brake callipers are important parts working in the braking system. From wear and tear, particular stop-and-start driving styles and many more reasons are why these parts might need repairs. It is important that these parts are repaired when a suspected problem has occurred to ensure the car brakes properly. 

Most times the braking performance will decrease, there are longer stopping times, grinding noises occur and the brake warning light are common signs for these parts needing repairs. The mechanic working on the Car Repair will utilise quality parts and tools exact to the specific car to ensure the braking system is repaired professionally. 

How Do I Know if I Need a Brake Repair and Replacement Service?

The most common signs that indicate that brake repairs and replacements are needed are:

  • Kilometres – after 80,000km the car’s brakes should be looked over. This is when the brakes are often going to be worn out and need to be replaced, repaired or serviced. The vehicle manufacturers often suggest times and intervals that the brakes should be looked at by qualified mechanics. 
  • Squeaking Brakes – one of the reasons the car might squeak when driving is because of the brakes. When the brake pedal is pressed and noises occur then this is a sign they need to be checked.
  • Brake Warning Lights – behind the steering wheel if the brake warning lights are on then the car has suspected a problem. This is a clear sign that the brakes should be serviced as it is often a severe issue.
  • Handbrake – if the handbrake struggles to hold the car this might be because of worn brakes.
  • Weak Brake Pedal – if the brake pedal feels weak, low or soft when pressed then the brake pads might need to be replaced. 
  • Braking Performance – if the brakes are pressed and the car rolls a bit or efficiently then this is a sign that the brakes should be looked at. 

Professional Brake Repairs and Replacements

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the best brake repairs and replacements to Northern Beaches locals. Our Brake Service ensures that every part is correctly inspected and tested to find out if parts need repairing or replacing. Each fully qualified mechanic will operate swiftly during the brake service and ensure that car is handled safely.We offer our brake repairs and replacements work to all suburbs, including Palm Beach, Newport and Collaroy. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale we promise to deliver the best brake service work for any car!