What Is A CTP Green Slip?

A green slip is a type of insurance policy that will cover the costs of damages to people during accidents. A compulsory third party (CTP) is a type of car insurance that is needed before a vehicle can be registered. Before the green slip can be given out a pink slip is needed where a mechanic will inspect the vehicle. Peninsula Auto Clinic offers trusted pink slip services where our mechanics will look over the safety condition of the car. 

A green slip is a common name given for compulsory third party (CTP) insurance. It covers injuries, medical expenses and any lost income when a person has been involved in a motor accident. The green slip covers the costs for people injured in accidents but not the expenses of damages to the car. To register your vehicle in NSW CTP green slip is required and all NSW drivers need one.

What Is A Ctp Green Slip

What is Included in a Green Slip?

Green slips are there for insurance companies to pay for the expenses of a person who was injured or has died in a car accident. CTP green slip insurers will be covered for up to 26 weeks on average after the accident for any costs. The medical expenses cover the person who was driving as well as any passengers in the vehicle. 

Part of a person’s income will be supplied if the person is unable to work due to the accident. If the car accident was involved in any ride sharing jobs then the green slip will still cover the medical costs. 

What Does a Green Slip Not Cover?

Green slips will cover medical expenses but will not cover any damages caused to the vehicle or any other person’s vehicle. If there was any property damage involved in the accident, such as a fence, the green slip will not cover that as well. There are other insurances that will help provide costs if the vehicle has been damaged due to the accident. 

How Much Does a Green Slip Cost?

The cost of a green slip will be different depending on what type of insurance is purchased and the insurance company. The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) and the insurance company will determine the costs to have the slip. The vehicle will also influence the overall price that the person has to pay for the CTP. Other cost factors include the age of the vehicle, the age of the youngest driver and if there have been any previous claims made. 

For a guide on the costs of green slips, SIRA has a price check available. 

How Long Does a Green Slip Last?

For most light vehicles (those under 4.5 tonnes) the CTP will be available to last for 6 to 12 months. A 6 month term or a 12 month term are the most common types of CTP covers that drivers select. Depending on the type of insurer as well will see if there are flexible options or if there are only limited renewal options. 

Renewing Vehicle Registrations with Pink and Green Slips

Part of renewing a vehicle’s registration is having a green and pink slip completed. The green slip will be needed because they cover the medical expenses of a person’s injury during a vehicle accident. When the CTP insurance is purchased then it will electronically be delivered to the registration services. 

A pink slip is where a mechanic will perform a safety inspection on the vehicle and is needed when wanting to register a vehicle. A fully qualified mechanic should perform the service and if the car passes the inspection then the pink slip will be provided to the registration services. Some of the inspections include:

  • Testing the braking system’s efficiency to work
  • Looking over the condition of the car’s body to see any noticeable defects
  • Each tyre is looked at for its tread depth, overall quality, alignment and more
  • Inspecting every light of the car, including the high beams and brake lights, making sure they function properly

To know more about the difference between the different slips we encourage reading our blog that offers further details. 

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