What Is A Blue Slip Registration?

A blue slip is a type of safety inspection performed on an unregistered car to ensure it is safe to drive. To receive a vehicle registration an authorised unregistered vehicle inspection and safety check is needed. The slip will prove to Service NSW that the unregistered vehicle is safe and meets design and identity standards. Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to carry out professional blue slip inspection services and we provide Service NSW with the proper safety inspection reports.  

A blue slip is a formal letter by a qualified mechanic detailing that the unregistered car has received safety checks. To register your vehicle in NSW a blue slip will be needed to ensure the vehicle meets the necessary safety requirements. A blue slip is needed for unregistered cars over three months, overseas or interstate vehicles and other reasons. The slip is valid for 42 days and will need to be brought to a roads and maritime service centre.

What Is A Blue Slip Registration

What is a Blue Slip?

A blue slip is a safety inspection service that looks over multiple systems of the vehicle. The main systems inspected are the tyres, suspension system, fluid levels, brakes, seatbelts, lights, potential leaks and engine condition. Each inspection will be guided by the manufacturer’s standards to ensure the vehicle is properly looked at. The inspection will also include an identity check to ensure the car is not stolen. 

When do I Need a Blue Slip?

There are many factors that will influence the need for a blue slip and when it needs to be given out. The slip is required for specific reasons to have a vehicle registered in NSW:

  • A vehicle’s registration has expired and has been expired for over three months time
  • The vehicle is from overseas or interstate and brought into NSW
  • The vehicle has no number plates on them
  • A vehicle has been written off previously 
  • If there have been any adjustments with the registration records due to the vehicle changing, such as installing a new engine
  • The vehicle has been given defect notices and they need to be cleared 

How Much Will a Blue Slip Cost?

Within NSW the costs to receive a blue slip are typically under the price of $150.

The type of vehicle and year model will influence the cost of the slip inspection service.

How do I Receive a Blue Slip for my Motorcycle or Trailer?

A motorcycle will be similar to a car in terms of receiving a blue slip. The inspection will be performed by a licensed mechanic and they will look at the systems of the bike. As there are fewer systems and parts the inspection is often quicker and easier. If there are any repairs needed then the mechanic will address that and ensure that a Car Repair can be scheduled. 

Trailers are also easier to receive the slip and will often be quick to perform the inspection. The qualified mechanic will ensure to look at all the important parts of the trailer. This includes the winch, tyres and wheel bearings to ensure they will correctly work when in use. The slip will be issued when the trailer or motorcycle are inspected and deemed safe to use. 

What do I do After Receiving the Blue Slip?

The next step after receiving the slip is to register the vehicle within 42 days. The slip only lasts for that period and if the car was not registered during this time a new one will be needed. Other types of slips might be needed alongside for the vehicle to be correctly registered:

  • Green slip – a green slip or CTP insurance is needed to ensure that a person is covered medically in regards to driving. In the chance of an accident, the green slip insurer will cover medical costs and other types of costs. 
  • Pink Slip – a pink slip inspection is given to cars that have not been inspected for over five years or are more than five years old. At times blue and pink slips are needed together but most often it is one or the other.

To know more about the difference between green, blue and pink slips our blog offers more details and information.

Where can I Get a Blue Slip Service?

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our qualified mechanics are able to carry out blue slip inspections on any vehicle. We will carry out the safety inspection correctly by looking over the whole vehicle and each part and system. Our team will know what to look for to ensure the unregistered vehicle can be given the clear.  We offer our inspections and general Car Service work to the whole Northern Beaches, including Avalon and Bayview. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale our trusted mechanics will carry out blue slip inspections professionally!