What Is A Pink Slip & When Do I Need One?

Pink slips are an inspection report that is needed for light vehicles over 5 years old to be registered. The eSafety check involves a vehicle inspection at an authorised inspection station and it needs to be performed by a licensed mechanic. If the vehicle passes the safety check then the mechanic will give the slip to Roads and Maritime Services. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our licensed mechanics can perform pink slip services on all light vehicles. 

Pink slips are an eSafety check that is a formal letter from a qualified mechanic informing that the car is safe to drive. The safety check is needed for cars over 5 years old and needs a registration renewal.

What Is A Pink Slip When Do I Need One


What are Pink Slips?

An eSafety check is where a mechanic will look over the car to ensure that it is safe to be driven. Cars over 5 years old and need their registration renewed are the main target of pink slips. The mechanic provides the report to Roads and Maritime Services and the car will be allowed to be registered. Other slips include blue slips and green slips that are needed for different reasons to a pink slip.

What Happens During Pink Slip Services?

Inspecting the whole car is required during an eSafety check to guarantee the vehicle is safe to drive. Below is a guide on some of the major repairs performed during the inspection that is often around 30 minutes long:

  • Looking over the tyre tread depth and overall the quality of each tyre
  • The condition of the engine, exhaust system and suspension system are checked 
  • Inspecting the vehicle body for any noticeable damages
  • Checking each seatbelt 
  • All of the electrics of the vehicle are looked over, such as the battery, headlights and blinkers
  • Fluid leaks and fluid level checks are performed
  • The efficiency of the braking system is looked over 

How Much Does an eSafety Check Inspection Cost?

To undergo pink slip inspections it will cost depending on the type of vehicle and where the inspection is performed. The average prices for eSafety checks within NSW vary from approximately $30-80 

How Long Does the Pink Slip Last if the Vehicle Passes the Inspection?

The slip is valid for 6 months before it expires and a new slip will be needed. During this time the vehicle will be able to be registered as it has passed the eSafety check. At times a vehicle might need an annual pink slip as the car might need an inspection regularly. 

What Happens if the Vehicle Fails the eSafety Check?

If your vehicle fails the eSafety check it will be given a “Repairs Needed” report. This means that in a 14 day period the vehicle will need to be repaired to pass the pink slip inspection. If the vehicle did not receive a Car Repair during the 14 days then the eSafety check will expire and a new one will be needed. If the repairs are completed then the slip will be provided and the car will be able to be registered. 

When Do I Need Pink Slips?

The main time pink slips are needed is when light vehicles are older than 5 years and need to be registered. This is because it will need to be properly inspected for any defects and to make certain it is safe to drive. Pink slips are generally inspections so below is a guide on other times a vehicle inspection is highly advised:

  • selling your car is a great idea to have a proper car inspection as the buyer can be given a roadworthy certificate. This means they are more likely to trust the car is safe to drive and are more likely to purchase the car. 
  • When the vehicle is going to be repaired for a specific reason it is a good idea to have the whole car inspected. This is to ensure that no other systems are harmed from the damages and it will also save time as the car is already at the auto shop.
  • After purchasing a car if there is free servicing then it is smart to utilise this and have a safety check during the regular service. 
  • Older cars, even if they do not need to be registered, should undergo a safety check regularly to ensure they are safe to be driven.

Professional Northern Beaches Pink Slip Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to provide pink slips and perform the best inspections and safety checks. With over 25 years of experience behind us, our mechanics know exactly what to look for during the eSafety check. Each system and part will be correctly looked over then we will provide the slip when the vehicle is deemed safe to drive. If there are any needed repairs we will be clear on what needs to occur and offer reliable car repair services. 
Our Car Service work is here for every person living in the Northern Beaches, including Mona Vale, Whale Beach and Elanora. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale we promise to provide the best pink slip services for every person!