How Can You Tell If Brake Pads Need Replacing?

There are many different signs that indicate a brake pad replacement is needed. For example, the brakes might squeak when pressed or the brake warning light is on. A licensed mechanic should perform the brake service to first inspect the current brake pads then replace them if needed. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics will carry out professional brake pad replacement services for any Northern Beaches local.

How Can You Tell If Brake Pads Need Replacing

The main signs that a brake pad replacement service is needed are:

  • Squeaking noise when the brakes are pressed
  • The brake warning light is on
  • A metal grinding sound coming from the brakes
  • The brake pedal vibrates
  • The brake pads themselves are worn down
  • It takes longer to brake and stop

What are Signs That a Brake Pad Replacement is Needed?

Squeaking Noise

A squealing or squeaking noise that happens when the brakes are pressed is a common sign that the brake pads need replacing. Squeaky brakes may occur from the weather or the brake issues but they can also be caused by damaged brake pads. When the brake pads are worn down they will grind with other systems, making the squealing noise and if not repaired then the brake rotors can become damaged.

Brake Warning Lights

The brake warning lights will turn on where the car has detected an issue with the brake system. This issue that is detected could be with the brake pads and that the car is warning that they need repairs or to be replaced. The light which comes on if the brakes have issues is also the brake when the hand brake is up. If the hand brake is not up and the light is on then ensure to organise a Car Repair so a mechanic can look at the brakes to see if the brake pads or other parts need work done on them. 

Grounding Sound

When the brakes are pressed and there is a grinding sound then the brake pads will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Some types of brakes and cars will have a metal indicator so that a loud noise will happen when the pads need replacing. It is important that when the grinding sounds occur, that the car is taken to a mechanic as soon as possible. The grinding can cause major damage to other parts of the tyre and other systems which will only lead to more costly and difficult repairs.

Vibrating Pedal

A vibrating pedal is a sign that the brake pads need replacing due to the disc rotors being damaged and have caused the brake pads to wear. If the brake pedal feels unsteady or vibrate when pressed, then the brake pads have worn out. Vibrating brake pedals are not meant to happen so if it does vibrate it is important to replace the brake pads to stop the issue. 

Worn Out Brake Pads

By looking at the brake pads directly it can help with identifying if they need to be replaced or not. Looking in between the spokes of the tyres is where the brake pads and rotors are located. If the brake pads look as though they are not as thick as they should be, often less than 6.5mm thick, then this is a clear sign that they need replacing. 

Longer Brake Times

If the brake performance is impacted and it takes longer to brake then this can be due to the brake pads being worn away. Other than worn brake pads, it being slower to brake can also be connected to lower brake fluid levels. Going to a mechanic to see what the issue is is extremely important to make sure the brakes work correctly. 

Why is it Bad When my Brake Pads Wear Out?

The reason why having repairs or a brake pad replacement done as soon as possible when  one or more of the signs above have been noticed are for safety reasons. When the brakes are used a small amount of friction material on the brake pads wear off. This material over time will become thinner and eventually will need replacing. 

The main reason why it needs replacing is that once the friction materials wear away the steel pieces underneath are exposed. When these are exposed and make contact with the disc brakes or drum then there can be excessive damage to them which means costly repairs in the future and potentially dangerous car crashes 

How Long do Brake Pads Often Last?

Brake pads will most times last 50,000km to 60,000km before they need replacing. There are different factors that influence how long the pads can last though. The driving style can influence how quickly the pads repair, braking constantly or harshly more often will result in the wear down quicker. 

Driving in urban settings will mean the pads will also wear down quicker than those who drive longer distances or less often – for instance in rural areas. If a person undergoes regular Car Service maintenance where a mechanic can look at the brake pads will also help with maintaining the health of them for longer. 

Reliable Brake Pads Replacement Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the Northern Beaches professional brake pad replacement services. Our fully qualified mechanics will work on any car to replace the brake pads efficiently. We also offer other brake repairs and replacement services, such as working with the brake lights, brake callipers and brake fluid refills. 
Our brake system services and other car services are for all Northern Beaches suburbs, including AvalonPalm Beach and Clareville. Located here on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale we are the best brake pad replacement mechanic service to trust!