What Are The Most Expensive Car Repairs?

Car repairs can be costly often due to parts being expensive, the amount of labour needed and the type of job. A Car Repair involves fixing broken units or replacing parts where needed. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics can carry out all types of repairs, including expensive parts, professionally and reliably.

The most expensive car repairs are:

  • Air Conditioner Compressor
  • Brake Line
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Head Gasket
  • Camshaft 
  • Suspension
  • Airbags 
  • Transmission 
  • Hybrid Car Battery
  • Engine and Cylinders

What Are The Most Expensive Car Repairs

What are The Most Expensive Car Repairs?

These are approximates and can vary significantly depending on the vehicle type. Please consult your local mechanic on any repairs needed.

Car RepairApproximate Average CostDescription 
Air Conditioner  CompressorFrom $500The air conditioning system of the car can experience issues and often they are caused by a broken compressor. This system is what separates the low and high pressure and ensures the gas can cool the car. The valves and rods inside the compressor might break, or the engine belt might experience issues leading it to damage the compressor. Replacing a broken air conditioner compressor will most times cost from $500, but if more Freon needs to be added for the new compressor then the price will increase.
Brake LineFrom $1000Brake repairs are often reasonably priced but if the brake line becomes damaged then this is expensive to repair. The brake line is what transports the brake fluid around the system and if it disintegrates or blows then the repair cost can be approximately $1000. This type of repair is important for safety reasons and most times mechanics will advise replacing the car part over repairing it as it is more cost effective.
Catalytic ConverterFrom $1500The catalytic converter will convert any harmful emissions in the exhaust system to harmless ones to not damage the environment or hurt people. When this system breaks though it is expensive to repair as the part itself is expensive. t.
Head GasketFrom $2000A head gasket failure will result in coolant and oil spray, white smoke which will overheat quickly. The head gasket part is cheap but the repair is costly due to the labour involved being heavy.
CamshaftFrom $1500-$3000The camshaft will control the amount of air that comes into the engine which can mean it becomes dirty. If the system is not cleaned regularly then it can become blocked with dirt and debris. The more dirt and debris is in the system the higher the chance that it will break and repairs will be required. The amount of labour the repair needs is why the camshaft repair or replacement is expensive. Car servicing and inspections will help prevent this issue as mechanics will look at the system and clean it when needed.
SuspensionFrom $2500-$3500There are many parts of the suspension system, including tie rods, control arms, struts, springs and shock absorbers. Parts of the system needing repairs may not be too expensive but when there needs to be a whole overhaul then this can be expensive.
AirbagsFrom $2500-$4000When the airbags deploy or need to be repaired from defects then the service is costly. Replacing the airbags, and often the steering wheel and glove box, will be expensive but it is a really important repair.
TransmissionFrom $4000-$5000The transmission is a complex system, important in allowing the wheels to turn and power to flow from the engine to the driveshaft. With this complexity transmission repairs and replacements are costly as wear and tear and other problems can cause major issues.
Hybrid Car BatteryFrom $6000Hybrid cars have expensive batteries so when they need replacing or repairing the price is large. Most batteries last in hybrid vehicles for up to 10 years. When they need replacing the computer system will also need replacing which adds onto the cost.
Engine and CylindersFrom $7000-$10,000The engine, cylinders and cylinder heads are often the most expensive system to repair in a car. Engine repairs are expensive due to the number of systems and parts involved and the large amount of labour needed, especially for harder to reach parts. Often repairing the engine will not be as cost effective than replacing it with a new one or simply buying a new car.

Reliable Car Repairs and Northern Beaches Mechanics

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers the best car repairs for Northern Beaches locals, including the more expensive and challenging repairs. Our fully qualified mechanics will perform any needed repair on any type of engine, transmission, exhaust and all other systems and cars. We make sure to utilise professional techniques during the Car Service and always perform the task on time and efficiently.
We offer our car repair and all other mechanical services to all Northern Beaches suburbs, including Mona ValePalm Beach and Narrabeen. Located here on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, our mechanics are some of the best car repairers to trust!