Engine Rebuilds & Servicing

An engine rebuild and engine replacement are a type of engine service which can be performed on cars. They include replacing the old engine out and installing a new one or rebuilding the current one. The engine is an important system of the car with many parts involved which is why having an upgraded or working engine is critical. Peninsula Auto Clinic will be able to perform this type of Car Service on the engine professionally. 

An engine service can include either an engine rebuild or engine replacement. An engine which is rebuilt will have specific parts upgraded and is more useful when specific engine components become ruined. If the damaged engine is too much to repair then replacing the whole system is often more cost effective. Engine rebuilds can cost from $400 to $4500 while an engine replacement can cost $1000 to $4000 on average.

Engine Rebuilds Servicing Peninsula Auto Clinic

What is an Engine Rebuild?

Rebuilding an engine means upgrading and improving specific parts of the current engine. This could be a few parts to many components to have a reconditioned engine in the end. The engine is disassembled and each part is looked at to see if it should be replaced. The current engine parts are also cleaned and the engine oils are also topped up. 

A person will decide to rebuild their current engine over replacing it completely if the service costs less then a replacement. An engine rebuild also contains Car Repair work which means the car engine is repaired of any defect. With new parts being added, extensions made on the system and the old parts cleaned the system works effectively. Rebuilding the engine means that the system is more efficient, uses less fuel, lasts longer and performs better. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rebuild an Engine?

The price to rebuild an engine will depend on the car, how much work is being done and how damaged the engine is. 

  • Typical Family Car – $2900 to $4400
  • Average Ute – $2900 to $3600
  • Average Van – $2900 to 4500
  • Typical Water-Cooled Four-Cylinder Engine – $400 to $500
  • Six-Cylinder Engine – $500 to $600
  • With-Cylinder Engine – $600 to $700
  • Small Block Eight Cylinder – $1200 +

What is an Engine Replacement?

If the repairs needed on a car are too expensive or rebuilding it is not an option, completely replacing the system might be required. The whole engine system will need to be replaced with a newer engine and all the parts connected to the engine will need reconnecting. At times though simply replacing some main parts of the engine is the best option which can save thousands of dollars, 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an Engine?

On average, a car engine replacement will cost from $1000 to $4000 for most people. A replacement of the engine system can mean that one singular section is replaced, multiple parts are replaced or the whole system is. There are specific engine replacements which can cost:

  • Head Gasket – when the problem with the engine is found early then the engine manifold repair can cost from $900 to $2500. 
  • Radiator – if the radiator needs to be replaced then it costs $300 which includes other parts.
  • Camshaft – if the camshaft break then they need to be repaired, often costing $1500 to $3000. 
  • Engine Mount – depending on the size of the car the engine mount to replace can cost from $500 to $2000.
  • Engine Filter – the engine filter being replaced is an inexpensive task, from $150 to $300.
  • Starter Motor – when the starter motor is replaced then it will cost from $300 up to $650. 

How to Know if the Engine Needs to be Rebuilt or Replaced?

There are many signs a driver can look for to see if their engine will need work on it. When a car is serviced regularly then the engine issue can be found earlier, prevent major issues from occurring. 

  • Oil Leaks – oil leaks coming from the engine are a good sign that there is an issue with the engine. If the oil leak is below the engine system then this indicates an engine oil leak. 
  • Engine Light – when the engine light is turned on then the computer of the car has identified an engine issue. It has found an error with the system where a mechanic will be able to find what the engine problem is. 
  • Cylinder – the cylinder heads might be the cause of an engine failure which is a sign that the system will need to be worked on. 
  • Radiator – when the fan stops working properly and not cooling the car than the radiator may be the issue. The engine will be more likely o smoke and burn which is a dangerous situation. The quicker this issue is fixed will decrease the costs of a service and the chance of safety hazards. 
  • Leaking Head Gasket – if the head gasket begins to leak then the system will need to be repaired as soon as possible. If the issue is left untreated for too long then the engine will need to be replaced or rebuilt. 

A vehicle inspection service is encouraged to be performed regularly to help prevent issues such as engine failures from occurring. When a licensed mechanic looks over every system of the car, including the engine, the need for costly repairs is prevented. 

Trusted Engine Rebuild and Replacement Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic with our engine services will perform engine rebuild and engine replacement services on any car. Our fully qualified mechanics have the skill to operate with any engine to rebuild or replace it. Our affordable engine services are open for any car or vehicle for us to work on as well. 

Every person in the Northern Beaches, including Newport, Elanora and Warriewood, can trust our engine services. We also recommend reading our blog ‘car air conditioning – is it necessary’ to see why the aircon of a car is beneficial for most people. 

For professional engine rebuild and engine replacement services – contact Peninsula Auto Clinic on 9999 2553 or email us at peninsulaautoclinic@hotmail.com