Can Any Mechanic Work On Hyundais?

Hyundai cars will need a qualified Hyundai mechanic to operate and perform mechanical services. Those trained in repair and vehicle servicing will be able to carry out work on any Hyundai vehicle. From repairing common issues to carrying out regular servicing, professional mechanics will know how to operate on the car. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer a wide range of Hyundai service and repair jobs for the entire Northern Beaches!

Hyundais will need a certified Hyundai mechanic or light vehicle mechanic to perform car service work. Repairing common problems with Hyundais, such as transmission issues and electrical wiring problems will be performed by professional mechanics. It is also important for the licensed mechanic to undergo regular servicing on Hyundais to ensure all systems are working correctly.

Can Any Mechanic Work On Hyundais

What are Common Problems with Hyundais?

As with all other car brands, Hyundai cars experience any car problem but some are more common for the particular vehicle brand. Some of the more common problems Hyundais will face and need a Car Repair are:

Unusual Engine Noises

Some Hyundai engines are known to defect and begin to create ticking and other knocking noises. If the piston head is not properly secured then it will rotate and hit the cylinder wall creating a knocking sound. The sound will often occur when the engine starts as when the engine reaches the operating temperature the piston expands to be positioned more securely in the cylinder. Mechanics will need to repair the problem by ensuring the piston head is tightened securely. 

Wiring Problems

To help reduce costs of the wiring and ensure that they are environmentally friendly Hyundai incorporates a soy-based wiring system. These wires are cheaper and also better for the environment if they have to end up in landfill. The only downside with using soy-based wiring is the increased chance that rodents are attracted to them. 

Seat Belt Issues

Some Hyundai models may have defects with the seat belts that need repairing to ensure they work perfectly. The seat belts might not operate as they should when needed and this can be a major issue. Mechanics will inspect the seat belt condition and carry out repairs or replacements to ensure the seat belts will function how they should. 

Dual Clutch Transmission Problems

Some Hyundai cars with a dual clutch transmission might experience an issue where it hesitates when accelerating. At times the transmission system may fail to work and not engage correctly. The vehicle may stop moving if the accelerator pedal is pressed and released. Mechanics repairing will need to look over the whole transmission system to make certain it operates properly. 

What is Included in a Hyundai Service?

Car Service ensures that a mechanic can regularly look over a car and ensure that all parts are operating as they should. Hyundai cars will need car service and maintenance work to ensure that every system is safely and properly working. Below are some of the main tasks that will occur in a Hyundai service:

Car Inspection and Diagnosis

Mechanics will always perform a car safety inspection and mechanical diagnosis during a Hyundai service. This involves looking over every part of the car to make sure that they function as they should and find potential issues that need repairing. Car inspections and diagnosis will make certain any problems are addressed early and before the issue escalates into more serious and expensive repairs. 

Spark Plugs and Car Battery

The condition of the spark plugs are checked and the battery is tested and looked over. If the spark plugs are oily then this may indicate an engine leak and the battery will also be inspected for if it needs to be replaced. These systems help with starting the engine and providing power to the vehicle which is why if they need repairs or replacements they occur early. 

Light Check

The lights of the car are all looked at to determine if they need replacing for newer models. This includes the high beams, brake lights to the lights within the car. Every light of the vehicle are correctly looked over and if needed replaced to ensure each one will work properly. 

Tyre Pressure and Condition Checks

Each tyre of the Hyundai will be inspected for their pressure levels, if there are any visible punctures and to ensure they drive correctly. Wheel balancing and wheel alignment will occur if the tyres are not in the correct place and could cause damage to the car. If the tyres are badly damaged then replacing them with the correct tyre for the specific Hyundai car will occur as well. 

Inspecting Brake System and Brake Fluids

The brake system will be looked over by the Hyundai mechanic for the response time, if the pedal works correctly to how efficient the brakes are working. The brake fluid will also be topped up or drained and replaced with new fluid to make certain there is a correct amount of brake fluid. Mechanics performing on the Hyundai service will look over the braking system to make certain the car is safe to drive.

Reliable Hyundai Mechanics for Northern Beaches

Peninsula Auto Clinic has a team of fully qualified mechanics who will be able to work on any car, including any Hyundai. Each Hyundai Mechanic will perform a range of services, including maintenance, inspection and repair jobs. We make certain that every Hyundai service is performed professionally for all Northern Beaches locals, including for Palm Beach and Narrabeen. Located at  7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, our certified mechanics can work on any Hyundai. Contact us today for same day services!