Car Holiday Safety Check

It is highly recommended to perform a car safety check before going on vacation or an extended road trip. Car holiday safety checks include vehicle inspections that are best suited for longer journeys. Vehicle safety is important and especially when going on holidays to make certain the car can be safely driven. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics will perform vehicle inspections for Northern Beaches locals before going on holidays.

Car Holiday Safety Check

A good car holiday safety check to follow is:

  1. Look over the
  2.  condition of the tyres and if they need replacing, air pressure adjustments or other repairs
  3. Ensure all the lights work, including the exterior and interior lights
  4. Test the car battery and determine if it needs replacing or not
  5. Replace any oils or liquids in the vehicle if the fluid levels are low
  6. Ensure any items on the outside of the car, such as luggage and bikes, are tightened
  7. Look to see if there are any warning lights on the dashboard, if there are then organise a car repair

What is a Good Car Holiday Safety Check?

For a good car holiday safety check to use before going on holidays we encourage performing the following:

Tyre Inspection

The tyres should be inspected before the trip to make sure the ride will be smooth and safe. Looking at the tyres for noticeable tread loss, damages or punctures is important to see if they need replacing. Checking the tyre pressure should also be done to ensure they have enough for the road trip. Maintaining the tyre pressure, such as checking after the long drive and during the holiday, is also important. 

Going to a mechanic to perform wheel balancing and wheel alignment are further actions to guarantee the tyres are safe and working before the holiday. It is also recommended to bring a spare tyre along the journey in the event one tyre fails to work. To know how to change a car’s tyres in 10 simple steps our blog is here to help. 

Car Lights

Holiday trips mean the car’s lights will often be on longer than they usually are. To make sure they will last to, during and after the trip is a key step in any car holiday safety check. The interior lights consist of the dashboard lights, map lights, dome lights and others to have the inside of the car have light. If any of these do not work or are dimmed then replacing the light is recommended.

The exterior lights, including the headlights and brake lights, are extremely important during a holiday and when generally driving. If they do not work, one only works or they do not shine properly they will often need to be replaced or repaired. 

Flat Car Batteries

The car battery is needed to power the car and other systems, such as the lights. If the car struggles to turn on or if some systems of the car are faulty or not working correctly then the battery may be flat. A flat battery will need to be replaced but checking to see if the alternator is causing the battery to not work is also encouraged. If the car does not turn on but the battery and alternator operate well then the car may be flooded and be repaired. 

Car Fluid Levels

There are many different types of fluids, liquids and oils that are present in the car to help it drive correctly. Some are needed to lubricate parts in the engine when they move and others are to keep systems cool. Checking the levels of these fluids is important to ensure there is enough for the holiday. The brake fluidcoolant, and lubrication systems are the main liquids to check in the car. 

If needed, our blog how to change your car’s oil in 4 steps’ is here if you need to change the oils and liquids of the car. Also, if the car is leaking oil then a mechanic should look at the issue to ensure no liquids leak and potentially harm the car. We recommend a mechanic replace the car liquids in general as well because they will be able to perform the task more reliably and effectively. 

External Parts

Often one of the last steps of the car holiday safety check and before leaving is to ensure that all parts are secured on the car. If any item is connected to the car externally, such as bikes, luggage and even trailers or other vehicle connectors, make sure that they are secure. 

Warning Signs on Dashboard

If there are any warning lights on the dashboard then before the holiday begins going to a mechanic is important. A Car Repair will ensure that the mechanic will be able to inspect the car and see what the issue is. To prevent major damages from occurring, when these lights turn on, the quicker a mechanic addresses them the better. 

Trusted Northern Beaches Mechanics Are Here to Help

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here with  our fully qualified mechanics to perform car safety checks for Northern Beaches locals. Our team knows the best car holiday safety check and will ensure all parts of the car are inspected. Providing an inception report, each mechanic will look for defects and decide if the car needs further repairs before the holiday. If it does then we will carry out the repairs professionally to ensure the car can be driven safely on the holiday.
Our car safety check and general Car Service work are here for all of the Northern Beaches, including NarrabeenMona Vale and Avalon. Located here on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, Peninsula Auto Clinic is the one to trust when needing a car safety check for your next road trip!