Car Flooded – What To Do?

If your car is flooded or the engine is flooded this means that there is too much petrol within the engine. This happens when the car is started when it is cold and then the engine is turned off almost immediately. Such as when moving the car from the garage to the driveway, flooded engines will mean starting the engine again is more difficult. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our Northern Beaches mechanic team will carry out Car Repair work to resolve car flooded issues. 

When the car is flooded the best way to fix a flooded engine is to:

  1. Turn the engine on with the accelerator pedal pressed down fully
  2. Keep cranking the engine for at least 10 seconds until the engine starts
  3. When the engine has started allowing it to rev then have it idle for a few seconds
  4. If the car runs fine then turning it off or driving the car can occur
  5. If the car does not start then mechanical services will be needed

Car Flooded What To Do

What Does it Mean if My Engine is Flooded?

A flooded engine means that petrol has entered the engine system and the car has been switched off too soon. This causes the unburned excess fuel to stay within the engine and causes issues with the spark plugs. With the spark plugs being wet from the excess fuel this causes the engine to not start correctly. The excess petrol can also remove oil around the cylinder’s piston rings and causes further problems. 

What Causes a Flooded Engine?

The main cause of a flooded engine is when the car is turned on, driven for a few metres then switched off. The short drive means that the engine did not have enough time to properly burn the petrol which leads to it being left within the engine. Some engines are more likely to experience this issue than others, especially smaller four cylinder engines. Within colder temperatures and in older engines the flooded car issue is also more likely to happen.

What are the Signs of a Flooded Engine?

The main signs to look for that indicate the engine is flooded are:

  • A loud cranking noise happens when the engine key is turned which is different from the usual whirring sound
  • A strong smell of petrol forms and particularly around the exhaust of the car
  • The car will not start, and if it does, the engine will cut out leading to the car switching off

How Can I Fix a Flooded Engine?

There is a way to try and fix a flooded engine without a mechanical repair or the expertise of a qualified mechanic. This small repair will determine if the car will need a proper mechanical repair as the car flooded damage is only repairable by a mechanic. To perform a quick flooded engine repair follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the car is within the garage and that there is proper ventilation. Open the windows and garage doors otherwise the room will be full of smoke.
  2. Crank the engine by turning the key while also pressing the pedal to the floor.
  3. Wait up to 10 seconds while cranking the engine until the engine turns.
  4. After you have started the car, have it rev for a couple of seconds. Follow this up by holding the car at a higher speed than the normal idle speed for another few seconds.
  5. The repair will be successful if the engine runs perfectly and the car can be safely driven or turned off.
  6. If this repair method does not resolve the engine flooded issue then a mechanic will have to look at the issue. This often involves pumping air into the engine and making sure there is a balance between the air and fuel in the system. If there are other parts broken, such as the spark plugs or fuel injectors, then the damaged car parts will also be fixed.

How Can I Prevent My Engine From Being Flooded?

The main way to prevent the engine from being flooded with petrol is when the car is cold and wait a few minutes before driving the car. When driving in short intervals it is important to allow the system to warm up and prevent a flooded engine from occurring. Turn the engine on using the key and let the car idle and warm up for a few minutes. This will help warm up the engine, circulate the petrol better and help prevent flooding issues from happening.

If wondering what happens when the wrong petrol is added to the car then we highly recommend reading our blog putting the wrong petrol in the car – what to do for further information. 

Northern Beaches Mechanics Trusted Engine Repairs

When looking for professional Northern Beaches mechanics to repair engine flooded issues trust Peninsula Auto Clinic. Our fully qualified mechanics will repair car flooded concerns safely and effectively. We will make sure that the flooding issue is safely performed and perform tests to make sure all the petrol is removed. If there are extra repairs needed, for example the spark plugs broke, then we will carry these out reliably as well.
Our Car Service work is offered to all Northern Beaches locals, including Palm BeachIngleside and Narrabeen. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to resolve engine flooded issues with ease!