Spare Tyres – Everything You Need To Know

There are many different spare tyres that can be used when a regular tyre becomes damaged. These spare wheels and tyres each have different purposes and also their own positives and negatives. When the current tyre needs to be repaired or replaced, using the spare tyre will help with safely driving to a local mechanic. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic our mechanics can perform any tyre service on any car reliably. 

The main types of spare tyres are:

  • Full Size Matching Spare Tyres
  • Full Size Non-Matching Spare Tyres
  • Run Flat Tyres
  • Full Size Temporary Spare Tyres
  • Compact Temporary Spare Tyres
  • Folding Temporary Spare Tyres

Spare Tyres Everything You Need To Know

What are the Different Types of Spare Tyres?

There are many different types of spare tyres that can be used to temporarily have a wheel replaced when one is damaged. These are used for short distances and only temporarily as they are not designed to function as a proper tyre. Some can be used as a fully functioning and safe tyre completely but most are only for quick alternatives.

TyreWhat is itPositives Negatives
Full Size Matching Spare TyresFull size spare tyres can be matched to the exact tyres that are already being used. This means that if one tyre of the vehicle becomes damaged and cannot be used, this tyre can easily replace it and function normally. Having the exact tyre as the other ones ensures that if the car needs a new tyre, the spare will work with the other ones. It also helps with keeping the car look the same and prevents the need for a temporary one to be installed then replaced with a better tyre.If the car’s storage space is limited then having a full sized replica of the current tyres may not be possible as it cannot fit. 
Full Size Non-Matching Spare TyresThese are similar to a full size matching spare tyre, as they are the same size as the current tyres but are not the exact same brand or type. Even though the tyres might not be the exact same as the rest of the tyres, these ones are the same size. They will be able to last a while before needing to go to a mechanic.Storage space will influence if the spare can fit into the car. The different tyre look might not be favoured by some people as well. 
Run Flat TyresThese tyres are designed to run for around 50km – 100km after the tyre has become flat. They can allow enough time to travel to a mechanic safely in order for a new tyre to be properly fitted. The chance that the sidewalls that allow the extra kilometres to be driven are damaged too much then the flat tyre cannot be driven. 
Full Size Temporary Spare TyresThese are built to be lightweight and have a shallow tread depth. The temporary tyre should be the same size as the existing one and only be used as a spare. For a spare, these are great and can work with the existing tyres smoothly. With them being lightweight as well they will not add too much weight to the car when stored.These tyres are only for temporary use so a mechanic will need to install a new proper tyre. They might also be too big for the car if there is not enough space. 
Compact Temporary Use Spare TyresBeing lightweight and having a shallow tread depth, these tyres are also smaller in size. With being smaller in size the tyre has a higher inflation pressure to accommodate this.When storage space is limited these tyres are a great spare option. Using a compact temporary use should also sign with the manufacturer’s instructions so they will be made specific to the vehicle. These temporary tyres can only be used as a spare before needing to be replaced with proper tyres. 
Folding Temporary Use Spare TyresThese space saver tyres are collapsible or foldable and do not require large amounts of storage room. When the car has little to no spare space then these space saver spare wheels are a great option. These are more difficult to use and will need to be inflated with a canister or air pump before using it. They are only for temporary use for driving to a mechanic when a new tyre is needed.

If you want to know how to change a tyre easily, our blog is here to help guide the process and ensure it is successful. 

Can I Drive on a Spare Tyre?

There are specific guidelines to follow to ensure that when a spare tyre is in use that everything is safely working:

  • It is important that the tyre is inflated correctly and has the proper tyre pressure.
  • For spared that are only designed to be temporary, ensuring that driving to what the instructions say is the speed limit is important.
  • It is crucial to remember that only a full sized exact replica of a tyre can be used after one has been damaged. Spares that are only designed for temporary use can only be used temporarily and a mechanic will need to install a proper tyre as soon as possible.

Professional Mechanics Replacing and Repairing Tyres

Peninsula Auto Clinic will perform any needed tyre services for those living on the Northern Beaches. We will work with the spare tyre, repair the current tyres and perform replacements when needed. Our fully qualified mechanics will use the best tools and techniques when working with tyres on any car. 
Our mechanics will also carry out Car Repair and Car Service work for any local including NewportElanora and Ingleside. Located here on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, our mechanics will help with spare tyres and all other services!