What Is A Motor Vehicle Repairer’s Licence?

motor vehicle repairer’s licence is a type of licence an individual will need if they want to perform repair work on motor vehicles. For a mechanic, it involves Car Repair work, such as fixing faults and replacing parts. Motor dealers and repairers will need to receive the license through Service NSW every one, three or five years. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics hold a licence to repair motor vehicles and will do so for any Northern Beaches local.

The motor vehicle repairer’s licence is needed for a mechanic to perform car repairs on vehicles. Going through Service NSW or NSW Fair Trading is required to receive the licence. Having a tradesperson certificate, the needed education and a good track record will allow the licencing to be approved.

What Is A Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence

What Is A Motor Vehicle Repairer’s Licence and Why Do I Need One?

The motor vehicle repairer’s licence is required if a business or individual wants to perform repairs on motor vehicles. When the motor vehicle repairer’s licence is held a person will be able to legally perform repairs on vehicles. Repairs also include replacement tasks, paint jobs, maintenance services, alterations, fixing faults and altering or overhauling vehicles. The repair work that can be completed is under the Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014.

Who Needs a Motor Vehicle Repairer’s Licence?

The following professionals will need the motor vehicle repairer’s licence to legally carry out motor vehicle repairs:

  • Automotive electricians
  • Vehicle body makers
  • Liquified natural gas mechanics
  • Compressed natural gas mechanics
  • Liquefied petroleum gas mechanics
  • Motor, diesel and auto mechanics
  • Motorcycle mechanics and specialists
  • Panelbeaters
  • Caravan, trailer and towable recreation vehicle specialists and mechanics
  • Manual and auto transmission specialists
  • Underbody work mechanics
  • Vehicle painter professionals
  • Workshop and mobile mechanics

To know more about the different mechanic types in Australia we encourage reading our blog with useful insights.

What Type of Vehicles are Under the Motor Vehicle Repairer’s Licence?

When a person has a motor vehicle repairer’s licence they will legally  be able to work on vehicles with a motor built in it to propel them, as well as:

  • A vehicle that has wheels on it, but does not include aircraft, railway or tramway
  • A tracked vehicle that operates on revolving runners within endless tracks, but doesn’t include a railway or tramway

Below are vehicles that are not included with the motor vehicle repairer’s licence and will often need different certifications for individuals to work on them:

  • Conveyors, cranes or hoists
  • Road graders, road rollers, excavators, forklift trick, bulldozers and other machinery that is not designed for construction truck purposes
  • Motor vehicles that are altered and designed for road maintenance and construction
  • Vehicles that are not used for transport of people or goods within public roads and settings
  • Vehicles that cannot be registered by Roads and Maritime Services under the Road Transport Act 2013

Key Information About Motor Vehicle Repairer’s Licence

Eligibility requirements to receive the motor vehicle repairer’s licence18 years or olderMust be fit or proper to correctly perform the tasks under the licenceHave a good track history with mechanical work and also with the law (NSW Fair Trading will perform a police check if needed)Cannot be disqualified from holding the licence due to a disciplinary outcomeCannot be guilty of a motor vehicle stealing offence within 10 yearsMust not be bankrupt but also have sufficient financial resources to properly run the business
PrerequisitesOften a Tradesperson’s Certificate will be needed and also have completed the needed training and apprenticeship as well.
Duration, expiry and costsThe licence can last one, three or five years, will expire if not renowned before the due date and the costs are:One year – $768.00Three years – $1097.00Five years – $2010.00
Approval, application and administering agencyIt will often take 28 days for the licence to be approved and the application must be lodged to an NSW Fair Trading Centre or a Service NSW Service Centre, otherwise emailing or mailing the application is also accepted.

Reliable Car Repairers for the Northern Beaches

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here with professional car repairers who are all licenced and will repair any sort of issue. From common car problems to the most difficult car repairs, our team will resolve any issues correctly. Each licenced mechanic operates on the vehicle safely and utilises the best techniques to have the job completed in efficient times.
We offer our car repair services, as well as our Car Service work, to all Northern Beaches locals, including Whale BeachPalm Beach and Ingleside. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, our car repairers are the most trusted here at Peninsula Auto Clinic!