Flat Battery – What To Do?

When your car has a flat battery it can be due to a number of reasons. There are also specific tasks to follow to ensure the battery can be restarted or replaced if needed. The battery for your car is important in keeping systems running so when the battery is dead the car will not start. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics will perform professional car battery replacement jobs when your car battery is flat. 

When dealing with a flat battery:

  1. Check to see if the problem is from somewhere else, such as low fuel 
  2. Check the battery to see if there are visible damages or leaks, if so do not jump-start the car
  3. Try to jump-start the car using jumper cables if the car battery has no visible damages
  4. If the car starts then organise a mechanic to fully charge or replace the battery
  5. If the car does not start after trying the jump-start method, then contacting roadside assistance will be needed

Flat Battery What To Do

Why Do I Have a Flat Battery?

A flat battery can occur because of many different reasons, some of the main causes are:

Lights Accidentally Kept On

A person may have done something which has caused the car battery to be flat. This includes accidentally leaving the car lights on overnight to keep some other lighting system on. Most modern vehicles come with warning lights that will alert the driver these systems are still on while the car is off. If they are left on then they can quickly drain the battery so it is important to ensure they are switched off when the car is.

Poor Condition

Car batteries will often need replacing after 4 to 5 years so this may be why the battery has died. The overall condition may not be prime and as a result the car battery is breaking, has damages or generally not working. It is also important to ensure the alternator is in good condition, the battery is inspected during a Car Service and the battery is maintained. 

Electrical Component Issues

The electrical components of the car need the car battery to work well so they can function. This includes electric windows, the radio, the lights and more which all require the car battery to function. If these electrical components work fine but the car does not start then there could be a problem with the charging systems. If these electrical components do not work well or at all then the battery often needs to be replaced. 

Hot and Cold Temperatures

When temperatures go from extreme hot to extreme cold then this can impact the efficiency of the battery’s recharge time. Lead sulphate crystals may form so it is recommended that the car is stored in a place if possible without extreme changes in weather conditions to prevent the battery from being affected. 

What Do I Do With a Flat Battery?

There are certain steps to follow when the battery has died to ensure the battery can be replaced or recharged.

1. Check Other Problems First

The first step to take is to see if the problem with the car starting is with the car battery being flat or another issue. Checking to see if the car needs fuel is a good starting point, if the car just got fuel, checking to see if the wrong petrol was added may be next. 

If the central lock system does not work then the car key may need a new battery. If the ignition can not be turned then seeing if the wheels are stuck can also be done. Also, the car engine may be flooded which could be another reason why the car will not start. 

2. Jump-start the Car 

Jumper cables can be used to start the car if the battery has died. Make sure the ignition is off and the car is in park or neutral before using the cables. Attach the red clip to the positive battery terminal and the black clip to the negative terminal. With the correct clips attached and the jump-starter try to turn on the car. 

If the car turns on successfully then the car can be driven but the chance of the battery dying again may keep happening. This is why driving for at least 15 minutes after the battery has been jump-started is important.

3. Contact a Mechanic or Roadside Assistance Service

Even if the car battery was jump-started successfully it is important to contact a mechanic to perform an inspection on the battery. The flat battery will be either fully charged or replaced depending on the condition and age of the battery. If the car battery did not start when using the jumper battery cables then roadside assistance or a mobile mechanic may need to be contacted. 

Reliable Car Battery Repairs and Service

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here to repair or replace a flat battery for Northern Beaches locals. Each fully qualified mechanic will operate on the car safely and ensure that the car battery is worked on correctly. Our team will know how to work with all kinds of car batteries and make sure to replace them with the correct type. Each Car Repair and battery replacement service is completed on time and using professional techniques. 
We offer our car battery replacement and repair services to all Northern Beaches areas, including NarrabeenCollaroy and Whale Beach. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, our mechanics are here to resolve flat battery issues reliably!