Brake Service Whale Beach

Whale Beach is a beachside suburban area in northern Sydney. It is home to both residential buildings and surf break spots. For locals and tourists who find themselves with a broken brake pad or want a brake service, we are ready to help anytime and anywhere in Whale Beach and other suburbs in the Sydney region. Peninsula Auto Clinic affordable rates also cover repairs involving the car engine, suspension and air conditioning unit.

Brake Mechanic in Whale Beach

Our team of brake specialists are licensed and qualified to work on the brake system of any model and brand of vehicle. All of them completed the required Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology. This certification is a guarantee that they do know what they are doing after completing the training and work experience needed to get this certificate. Our mechanics do not only know how to fix brake issues, they are holistically trained and can work on any vehicle trouble. They also specialise in fixing the electrical system of any vehicle, minor body repairs and perform vehicle inspections. The work they do is always geared towards giving peace of mind to each of our customers that the brake of their vehicle will work when needed.

Brake Service

For cars that are regularly used, brake service is recommended to ensure that it continues to function at its optimum. This kind of service involves regular inspection of the vehicle’s braking system. Our brake mechanics start this kind of preventive maintenance by inspecting the car or any vehicle. They will go through checking the integrity of each part of the system including the disc brakes, rear drums, brake fluids and brake pads. An average brake service usually lasts for about an hour to two hours depending on the result of the inspection of our brake specialists. 

Brake Pad Replacement

Regular brake pad replacement and maintenance is a must to have a properly working brake at all times. Our brake service mechanics recommend replacing brake pads whenever a car or any kind of vehicle has been driven for 25,000 kilometres. However, there are instances when a replacement is needed especially if the brake is pulsating. 

Brake Fluid Replacement

The brake fluid is responsible for moving every part of the braking system. It is hygroscopic so it absorbs moisture when exposed to air. It was designed to function under high pressure to make sure that the vehicle stops when needed. A brake fluid that has not been attended to for a long time may cause malfunctions in the brake system. A low brake fluid means the decreased ability for the car or any vehicle to stop as expected, a more spongy brake and contaminated fluid. Given its importance, routine brake fluid replacement is a must. Our team of brake service mechanics can do all these for any locals in just a few minutes.

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Whale Beach locals and tourists need not worry about experiencing a faulty break. Our team of brake mechanics will come to rescue and fix all troubles they diagnosed. For a fast response and trusted brake service and brake repair in Whale Beach, call Peninsula Auto Clinic now!