Automotive Services Northern Beaches

Qualified Automotive Services Northern Beaches

Delivering the best Automotive Services within the Northern Beaches are us here at Peninsula Auto Clinic located in Mona Vale. The Northern Beaches is a district within Sydney and is a northern coastal suburb area. With being on the coast, the Northern Beaches have some of the greatest beaches in Sydney. These beaches are well known and are loved by both the residents and tourists visiting the beaches. The more famous of the many beaches include Palm Beach, Manly Beach, Freshwater Beach and Dee Why Beach. Within these and other beaches there are many rock pools, cafes and restaurants, local shops, picnic and park areas and more facilities to enjoy. Each person living in the Northern Beaches is lucky that they live so close to beaches, moreos, to multiple different beaches. Within this beautiful district of Sydney, Peninsula Auto Clinic works on all ranges and types of cars for each person living in the area. We offer the best Automotive Service within the whole of the Northern Beaches and guarantee the best results.

Automotive Services of All Kinds

Our team can work on a range or expert automotive services to each resident in the Northern Beaches. We are located in Mona Vale and our store is equipped with the best tools and technologies for the benefit of your car. This means that our ability to work on a range of different tasks is possible, with our qualifications helping us as well. A few examples on what we can work on include:

  • Brake service – we make sure the brake system is working correctly and reacts on time. We will inspect, perform tests and replace/ repair any broken parts within the brake system.
  • Clutch service – when the clutch system is not doing its job, it is our job to fix it. Performing tests to see what the problem is and using the best techniques to resolve it will ensure the clutch system is working correctly.
  • Replacing the battery – when the battery dies in the car, we will replace the existing battery with a new and working one. Additionally, we will clean and repair any component in the battery system to ensure the parts are working correctly.

With a large range of automotive services available, we are able to make sure that your car is working at its best state. Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best point to connect as we are all fully certified and know how to expertly work on all types of automotive services.

Great Value Automotive Services

For all Northern Beaches residents, Peninsula Auto Clinic provides the highest quality Automotive Service. Located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, our team are experts in the field and have a large extent of knowledge and skill working on all tasks. Contact us for our amazing automotive services on 9999 2553 or email us at We work efficiently on all jobs and have each car serviced in the quickest time possible. Nevertheless, we always work professionally while making sure all parts of the car are functioning correctly.