Pink Slips Clareville

Clareville locals have trusted only one name when they need pink slips for their vehicle. For more than two decades, we, at Peninsula Auto Clinic, offer a flawless mechanic experience to customers regardless of car brand and size. We believe that locals of the Northern Beaches region only deserve the best when maintaining their cars. With this, we offer a wide range of services to suit their needs including car battery replacement, tyre repair and replacement and engine checkup.

A Car Service Expert with Over 25 Years of Experience

Experience goes a long way in any trade. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we spent those years perfecting our approach to all kinds of car repair and service. But we would not achieve and continue to work on it without our highly qualified mechanics. Each of them has secured a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate from NSW Fair Trading. Individuals receive this certificate only after finishing the required training – the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and the Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. The former introduces individuals who want to be a mechanic to the basics of mechanical work while the latter equips them with knowledge and skills needed for lightweight work on cars and motorcycles. They have also completed more than 3-4 years of apprenticeship aside from finishing these courses.

Pink Slip Inspection

Commonly called a pink slip, the eSafety Check inspection is a requirement for cars older than five years old to ensure their roadworthiness. Our team of Mona Vale mechanics performs several tests to evaluate the car’s condition. First, they conduct a brake efficiency test to gauge the state of the vehicle’s brake system. Our mechanics also assess the vehicle’s body and its electrical components like headlights, blinkers and interior lights. Lastly, they inspect the car’s engine, driveline and suspension to ensure the driver’s safety, as well as his passengers. After successfully passing the vehicle inspection, our mechanic will issue a certificate indicating its roadworthiness. This certificate will be used for the car registration and is only valid for 42 days.

Car Service

Besides being qualified to issue pink slips, our mechanic team also specialises in other car services. We offer a clutch service that checks for the integrity of the system, as well as the level of the clutch fluid. We also specialise in servicing Subaru vehicles with a custom logbook servicing. This car inspection was specifically designed for such cars and includes checking every part of the vehicle according to how the manufacturer intends the car to be assessed. Apart from those, we also offer automatic transmission service, exhaust repair and brake service.

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A mechanic inspection is best to prevent troubles and serious accidents while using your vehicle. For a dependable, trustworthy and highly capable mechanic who specialises in pink slips inspection, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!