Subaru Mechanic Mona Vale

Mona Vale is a popular spot for surfers. This northern Sydney suburb is home to The Basin beach and several beach breaks including “Main,” “Suck Rock” and “Rip Bowl.” When its locals and tourists need the help of a Subaru mechanic, they turn to Peninsula Auto Clinic for quality repair and service. 

Number 1 Mona Vale Mechanic

Subaru vehicle repair and service should be left in the hands of a highly qualified and honest professional. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we understand the importance of transparency and the value of every dollar spent on car inspection or repair. To maintain the quality of our repairs and service, only licensed and insured mechanics are in charge of working on any Subaru vehicle. Each of them has met the requirement set by NSW Fair Trading to be legally allowed to practise their trade in the state. Our philosophy to make sure that each member of our team is licensed is to assure our customers that the repair and service they are getting follow existing laws and regulations and will last for a long time.  

Log Book Servicing

A logbook service is doing specific inspections and repairs to a Subaru vehicle to make sure it is at its optimal state when driven. A typical car inspection of this kind involves our car service experts inspecting the car’s brakes, belts, exhaust, tyres and gearbox. We also check the vehicle’s fluids and replace or refill them when necessary. It is best to bring any Subaru vehicle to us as everyone in our team is an experienced and knowledgeable Subaru mechanic.

eSafety Check Service

A Pink Slip or an eSafety Check is a letter made by a qualified mechanic that proves a car is roadworthy. This certification is issued by our Subaru mechanics after doing a thorough vehicle inspection to check for irregularities in all parts of the vehicle. A typical mechanic inspection for issuance of a pink slip involves a brake efficiency check, an inspection of the vehicle’s electrical components like the blinkers and dash lights and an assessment of the suspension, engine and driveline among others.

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A great mechanic is someone who knows every part of a Subaru vehicle. He can easily detect irregular appearance and behaviour in any part of the vehicle and instantly has a solution he can discuss with the client. This knowledge, skill and transparency make clients go back and develop a trusting relationship based on believing that the Subaru mechanic can do any repair needed by the vehicle. For an expert Subaru mechanic in Mona Vale, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic through our website or by calling us at 9999 2553 today!