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The Northern Beaches region is north of the Sydney central business district. The region extends to Port Jackson to the south, west to Middle Harbour and north to Broken Bay. Northern Beaches is made up of several suburbs and localities including Cottage Point, Mona Vale and Oxford Falls. For car owners in the region, Peninsula Auto Clinic is the only go-to place whenever they need a Subaru Mechanic for their vehicle.

A Trusted, Licensed and Dependable Northern Beaches Mechanic

A family-owned and operated business, Peninsula Auto Clinic knows the value of money spent on repairing and keeping vehicles at their tip-top shape. We strive to always provide top-class mechanic service and customer service every time a car owner brings their vehicle to us. Each of our mechanics is licensed and insured per NSW Fair Trading. Their license is a guarantee that any mechanic who tends to a vehicle for repair or service knows his way around and is able to provide a service that will assure the safety of the driver and his passengers. 

Car Service

A car service provides peace of mind for the driver and his passengers that the vehicle is free of any troubles that may put their lives at risk while riding their Subaru car. Our Northern Beaches mechanic recommends bringing a Subaru vehicle for a car inspection every 10,000-15,000km mark for minor service and about every 30,000-45,000km driven for major repairs and service. Checking the washer and wipers of the windscreen, air filter inspection and air conditioning tests are among the typical minor service for a Subaru vehicle. On the other hand, major services done by a Subaru Mechanic involves engine tuneups and computerised testing, replacement of car bearings and refill of the car fluids.

Pink Slip Services

Also known as the eSafety Check, the Pink Slip is a certification provided by a qualified vehicle inspection professional that the vehicle is free of defects. The need to secure a pink slip comes after the vehicle celebrated its fifth year in use. It is required to ensure that the vehicle was thoroughly inspected and found to be roadworthy. A normal pink slip inspection will see the car undergoing a brake efficiency test, an inspection of drive lines and engine leaks and assessment of the tyre quality and tread among others.

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Your Subaru vehicle should not just be left in the hands of any mechanic. A trusted and highly qualified car mechanic ensures that money and time are not wasted when it comes to assuring the safety of the driver and his passengers. Call Peninsula Auto Clinic now to experience why locals of Northern Beaches trust us when they need a Subaru mechanic!

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