Subaru Mechanic Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a Northern Beaches suburb that is known for providing the backdrop for the TV show “Home and Away” and the 2018 movie “Palm Beach.” This area is one of the Northern Beaches neighbourhood served by Peninsula Auto Clinic. For more than 25 years, we have worked hard to serve the needs of locals and tourists alike to make it as Mona Vale’s number one Subaru mechanic.

Certified Northern Beaches Mechanic in Palm Beach

Car owners in the Northern Beaches region only trust us whenever they need the expertise of a Subaru mechanic. Our team of mechanics are all licensed by NSW Fair Trading. This license is given after meeting the requirements set by the agency. In NSW, a licensed mechanic has completed the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and the Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses. They also need to undergo an apprenticeship program for over three to four years to gain real-life mechanic experience. After completing these requirements, they can legally perform maintenance or service work, replace or repair any of the car’s mechanical parts and do a complete vehicle inspection to gauge the car’s roadworthiness. 

Car Inspection

Vehicles need a regular mechanic inspection to ensure that no accident will occur while on the road. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, a car service is a regular thorough inspection of all parts of the vehicle. Our Subaru mechanics offers two kinds of car inspection – minor car service and a major vehicle inspection. A minor car inspection includes an evaluation of the brake system, oil filter and checking of spark plugs among other things. In a major car inspection, our mechanics thoroughly inspect replacing wheel bearing, test battery, coolants and cooling system and change transmission oils. We also offer a Pink Slip inspection for Subaru cars older than five years. If a Subaru vehicle passes inspection, our mechanics will issue an eSafety Check certification indicating the car’s roadworthiness. However, we can do the necessary repair in instances where it fails.

Log Book Servicing

A logbook servicing is a mechanic inspection specific to Subaru vehicles. Our Northern Beaches mechanics usually check the air filter, brake system, exhaust and suspension system among other things in this kind of car service. It differs from other maintenance work we offer as inspections done in this service are specific to the cars produced by Subaru.

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