Subaru Mechanic Warriewood

Warriewood is a primarily residential suburb with a small number of businesses in its southern part. Peninsula Auto Clinic is the preferred Subaru mechanic for those living in this neighbourhood and its surrounding areas. For more than 25 years, we have provided the most needed car inspection and other services to Subaru owners in the Sydney suburbs and continue our commitment to offering world-class customer service in the region.

A Thorough and High-Quality Vehicle Inspection

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we always make sure to deliver world-class service that meets our customers’ expectations. We maintain this commitment by ensuring that each of our car service mechanics knows his way around all Subaru models. Each of our mechanics has passed the required training and apprenticeship by NSW Fair Trading and have secured a Certificate II in Automotive Studies as well as a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. All these training sessions gave them an insight into how to best deal with common Subaru vehicle inspections and problems like repairing or replacing any mechanical parts of the vehicle, doing minor trim and minor body repairs and working on the car’s electrical system among other things.

Car Inspection

A regular car inspection ensures that every part of the vehicle is running smoothly at every moment it is taken for a drive. It provides peace of mind that the driver and his passengers are safe from unexpected accidents that may be caused by a faulty part. For Subaru vehicles, a minor car service involves checking the car’s washers and wipers of the windscreen, inspecting the brakes and brake fluid and checking the spark plugs. Owners who want a more thorough inspection of their vehicle should settle for a major car inspection. This process will see our Subaru mechanics doing an engine diagnosis and computerised tune-up, replacing the wheel bearings and doing a general inspection of the safety areas of the vehicle among many others.

Pink Slip Service

While a vehicle inspection is for Subaru vehicles of all ages, those who are over fives of age are required to undergo an eSafety Check. This mechanic inspection is done to make sure that the vehicle is roadworthy and will not be causing any accidents while driving. A qualified mechanic will be issuing this pink slip after deeming that the vehicle can be safely operated on any road. A pink slip check usually comes with our mechanics checking the vehicle’s brake system, tyre quality, engine and suspension, and electrical system.

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Subaru vehicle owners in the Sydney suburbs need not go far to have quality car service. We offer the best mechanic inspection for all kinds and models of Subaru vehicles on this side of the Sydney suburbs. For a highly qualified and dedicated Subaru mechanic in Warriewood, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!