Warriewood Suspension Service

Warriewood car owners can always depend on Peninsula Auto Clinic when they need car repairs and services. We are the Northern Beaches’ highest rated mechanic with more than 25 years of experience. Since day one, we have remained committed to providing the most flawless mechanic experience. We carry out this goal by offering a wide range of services, including fixing car engines, suspension service, issuing pink slips and offering automatic transmission service.

Qualified and Experienced “Car Suspension Service Near Me”

Our team of mechanics made it possible to remain committed to our goal of providing only the highest standard of auto service and repair. Each of our team mechanics holds a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate from NSW Fair Trading. It means that they have completed the required courses – Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, as well as more than three to four years of real-world mechanic work experience. These requirements ensure that they have all the needed knowledge and experience to be effective in car suspension check, shock repair and other mechanical automotive work.

Car Suspension Check

A suspension check up makes certain the safety of any vehicle when it is taken for a drive. The car’s suspension is in charge of supporting the heavy vehicle weight, maintaining the correct wheel alignment at all times and controlling the vehicle’s direction when running. Given its importance, a regular checkup is a must to guarantee the roadworthiness of the vehicle. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, a car suspension check involves assessing every part of the system. Our qualified and experienced mechanics make a thorough inspection of every part, from the shock absorbers, coil springs to the joints/bearings.

Common Parts that Need Suspension Repair

When we discover a part that needs repair or replacement, we immediately disclose it and present a plan on how to make the vehicle roadworthy again. Bouncy rides, excessive body roll, unevenly worn tyres and unusual noises are common problems that trace their origin to the car’s suspension system. With the help of our talented mechanics, owners need not worry about their safety as we can immediately provide the best car suspension repair and have it fixed in no time.

Signs to Bring Your Vehicle for Suspension Check Up

Suspension issues are also easy to tell. When some early signs start showing up, we advise you to take it to the nearest suspension repair shop. The car angling forward or nosedive, slight or significant drifting when turning on corners and continuous bouncing after hitting a pothole or going through a bump are some of the most noticeable signs of an issue with the suspension system of a vehicle.

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It is best to have the best and most safe ride at all times. When rides are not that smooth, it is best to bring your vehicle for a car suspension check and shock repair. For the best Warriewood mechanic specialising in suspension service and repair, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!