Vehicle Inspections Clareville

Clareville is a Northern Beaches suburb in Sydney, New South Wales. It is home to over 700 residents that depend on Peninsula Auto Clinic whenever they need vehicle inspections. For over two decades, we have been offering affordable and high-quality auto mechanic work for car owners across Sydney. 

Experienced Certified Mechanic in Clareville

Mechanics at Peninsula Auto Clinic all hold a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate to work legally in NSW. For an individual aiming for a mechanic license, he needs to complete the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology degrees. They also need to finish at least 3-4 years of apprenticeship to gain real-life experience on mechanic work on top of the theoretical knowledge gained from finishing the required courses. These strict requirements ensure that every mechanic working on cars that drive on the roads of Sydney are roadworthy.  

Car Service

Vehicle malfunction significantly contributes to road accidents. To prevent such accidents, it is recommended to have any kind of vehicle regularly checked. Car service at Peninsula Auto Clinic will see our mechanics checking every bit and piece of the car’s components. We start by checking the car’s body for hail damage, rust and paint condition. We then move to check parts under the car’s hood, including the engine, radiator and car battery. We also make sure that the tyres and exhaust system are performing normally and that there is no sign of oil leaks under the car. For the car’s interior, we assess whether there are needed repairs in the vehicle’s seat belts, trims and carpets and electrical wiring.

Vehicle Repair

When we discover something irregular during a mechanic inspection, we will disclose our findings and recommend the appropriate repair or replacement needed. We have strived to remain transparent with every work we do in the past 25 years. Once the car owner agrees to the planned repairs or replacement presented by our Northern Beaches mechanics, we will proceed to fix the vehicle. We offer repairs on the car’s tyres, engine and transmission system among many other things.

Car Inspection Cost

Car service cost depends on the kind of vehicle you are driving and which part is to be inspected. For a rough estimate on how much a car inspection costs in mechanic shops across Sydney, it ranges between $150 to $240 depending on the vehicle type and size of repair. For a wheel alignment service, car owners should be ready to pay around $50-$150 depending on the car size. An engine service costs between $150 to $300 and will see our mechanics checking every part of the engine.

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Regular car maintenance prevents road accidents. For a dependable and highly qualified mechanic specialising in any vehicle inspections, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!