Vehicle Inspections Whale Beach

Whale Beach is a beachside suburb located in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney. When car owners in this community need an expert in vehicle inspections, they contact Peninsula Auto Clinic. We are a mechanic shop catering to all kinds and types of vehicles. For over two decades, we have been offering various services, including exhaust repair, car battery replacement and tyre service and replacement.

Experienced and Licensed Mechanic in Whale Beach

Mechanics at Peninsula Auto Clinic have the experience and training to handle all common issues on all vehicle types. Each of them has met the requirements set by NSW Fair Trading needed to obtain the motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate. These requirements include completing the necessary Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology training courses. Additionally, they need to undergo more than three to four years of apprenticeship to gain real-world experience as a mechanic. Only after meeting these requirements is a license given to an aspiring mechanic.

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspections are done to ensure the roadworthiness of a car. A mechanic conducts this service by thoroughly inspecting every part of the vehicle, checking whether it is healthy or needs repair or replacement. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, a car service involves our mechanic checking parts under the hood, those under the vehicle and the car’s body. We assess the state of the car’s body for hail damage and rust, check for oil leaks and assess the integrity of the engine and radiator among many other things. With our years of experience and training, car owners are assured of quality car inspection regardless of the age and brand of their vehicle.

Other Part-Specific Car Services

We also offer mechanic inspections for specific car parts. In our clutch service, our mechanics assess every part of the clutch. This process includes testing these parts to assess whether they are still in good condition or need replacement. A brake service at Peninsula Auto Clinic involves checking the disc brakes, rear drum and brake pad and fluid among many others. We also offer pink slip inspection for cars older than five years old. This inspection is a must for registering these vehicles as it warrants their roadworthiness. Aside from these, we also offer services for the exhaust system, car battery and tyres.

A Trustworthy Highly Qualified Northern Beaches Mechanic in Whale Beach

Given that a car service assesses the roadworthiness of a vehicle, it must only be done by a trusted mechanic. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we have strived to always provide the most transparent and high standard mechanic work to all customers across Sydney. For a dependable vehicle inspection in Whale Beach, contact us today!