Mechanic Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is a Northern Beaches suburb located northeast of the Sydney Central Business District. This suburb is popular due to several tourist attractions, including the Governor Phillip Lookout and Red Hill. When car owners in this area need an expert mechanic, they only turn to us at Peninsula Auto Clinic. For more than 25 years, we have been offering a wide range of car inspection and repair services. Our fully qualified mechanics do these services intending to offer world-class customer experience and top-notch repairs.

A Trusted Experienced Car Service and Repair Shop in Northern Beaches

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we always make sure that each mechanic in our team qualifies to perform all vehicle inspections and repairs. In NSW, all mechanics must undergo courses and an apprenticeship to receive a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate. The Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology introduces them to the basics of mechanical work. While the Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology course equips them with knowledge on doing automotive repairs and other services on light vehicles. NSW Fair Trading, under existing laws, enforced these requirements to equip Northern Beaches mechanics with the needed skills to do all types of car services and repairs on all vehicle types.

4WD Service

A 4WD service may seem like a regular car inspection. However, it focuses more on checking car parts under greater pressure when driven off-road. In this mechanic inspection, our team makes sure that the brake lines, transfer case and front and rear differentials are dependable when the vehicle is used off-road. Our mechanics are also experts in repairing any issue affecting a vehicle’s 4WD capability, including shock absorbers, clutches and timing belts.

Automatic Transmission Service

Also known as the car’s gearbox, the automatic transmission system is responsible for turning the engine’s power to move the vehicle. However, there are instances where issues start affecting the performance of this system. These are some of the common issues affecting this car part:

  • The gear slips out of place easily;
  • The car experiences abnormal movements and sounds;
  • A burning smell when the car is on;
  • Difficulty in shifting gears; and 
  • Fluid leak.

To avoid these problems, our Mona Vale mechanics recommend visiting us every 25 kilometres or 15 months to ensure that all parts of the automatic transmission system are working.

Clutch Service

Our mechanics recommend that car owners bring their vehicle for a clutch service every 100,000 kilometres driven. This part commonly experiences issues like clutch master cylinder failure, clutch fluid leak and slipping clutch. When signs of a malfunctioning clutch start showing up, it is best to bring over the vehicle for a mechanic inspection. Our team has more than two decades of experience in dealing with any issues impacting clutch performance.

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A regular vehicle inspection is recommended to ensure a safe and comfortable drive. But when issues start popping up, our team is always ready to help. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to have the best mechanic in Beacon Hill perform a car service or repair on your vehicle today!