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 Curl Curl is among the most popular surfing destinations in the Northern Beaches area. This suburb is also popular for several birds as its lagoon and creek provide a home and food for many of them. Locals looking for the best mechanic in this side of Sydney knows that they can always depend on us at Peninsula Auto Clinic. We have fully qualified mechanics trained in handling all car issues. All are committed to meeting our clients’ expectations in every vehicle inspection and repair we offer. 

Best Mechanic for Car Services and Repairs

NSW Fair Trading requires all mechanics to hold a motor vehicle tradesperson certificate before offering their expertise. It means that they need to undergo the required courses, the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, and an apprenticeship for more than three to four years. Meeting these requirements ensures that only the most qualified mechanics in town are doing car service and repair on vehicles running on Sydney roads.

Pink Slip Inspection

Vehicles aged five years and above need a so-called pink slip to register their car. The Australian government enacted this requirement to ensure that only roadworthy vehicles are plying the roads. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our Northern Beaches mechanics can help check the roadworthiness of any vehicle. Our eSafety Check or pink slip inspection comprises of the following inspections:

  • Checking the vehicle’s electrical components
  • Assessing the condition of the vehicle’s body
  • Inspection of the tyre quality and tread depth
  • Checking the suspension, engine and driveline

Suspension Service

The car’s suspension system is the main contributor to ensuring a comfortable ride. It is responsible for reducing the impact of shock forces and ensuring that the tyres remain in contact with the road. The following signs are indicators that the vehicle is due to a suspension service:

  • The car lunging forward when braking
  • Turning or drifting when turning
  • Oily or damaged shock absorbers
  • Uneven tyre treads
  • Rough rides

To prevent further damage to the suspension system, our mechanics recommend immediately bringing the car to our shop. We have the experience, knowledge and tools to get things done in no time.

Brake Service

Safety is the number one reason for a properly functioning brake system. It is vital in ensuring that the vehicle stops when the driver wants to. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanic inspection for the brake system includes:

  • Inspection of the whole brake system
  • Rear drum service
  • Disc brake service
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement

By ensuring that the brake is in its tip-top shape, car owners reduce the chances of accidents. 

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