Mechanic Davidson

Davidson lies in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney. Formerly a mining quarry, this suburb only saw residential development in the late 1970s. Locals trust only one auto shop for vehicle inspections and repairs. Davidson car owners have long trusted our mechanics at Peninsula Auto Clinic. Our team has years of experience and training in car services and repairs. With more than 25 years in business, we have seen all issues and cars of all brands and sizes.

Experienced Licensed Professional For Car Inspection and Repair

NSW Fair Trading requires all mechanics to hold a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate. This licence is an assurance that they have the skills to attend to any car inspections and repairs. Aspiring mechanics gain this skill set by completing the requirements set by law. It comprises undergoing the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses and at least three to four years of apprenticeship. A licensed mechanic guarantees the best customer service and long-lasting car repair.

Automatic Transmission Service

It is easy to identify whether the automatic transmission system is malfunctioning. These are the common signs that it is time to schedule a trip to the mechanic:

  • The gear slips out of place easily;
  • A burning smell when driving;
  • A fluid leak coming from the transmission system;
  • Difficulty in shifting gears; and 
  • The vehicle is not working.

To avoid these issues, our Mona Vale mechanics recommend a car inspection every 25 kilometres driven or every 15 months. Our team has years of experience and training to determine which issue is behind the acting transmission system.

Suspension Service

The suspension system is vital for a comfortable ride. A properly working suspension system can do the following:

  • Support the whole weight of the vehicle;
  • Reduce the effect shock forces on the car;
  • Maintain correct wheel alignment at all times; and
  • Ensure that the tyre keeps in contact with the road.

Car owners who have been experiencing rough rides, frequent dipping when stepping on the brake and drifting should immediately take their vehicle to our shop for a suspension service. Our mechanics can assure that they can repair or replace the affected component in no time.

4WD Car Service and Repair

Off-road vehicles need extra attention. These vehicles are subjected to more rough conditions compared to their urban counterparts. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer a car inspection specially designed for a 4WD vehicle. Our 4WD service puts more emphasis on checking the condition of the brake line, front and rear differentials and transfer case. It is a must to have them regularly inspected to prevent issues with the shock absorbers, clutches and timing belt.

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