Mechanic Dee Why

Dee Why is a coastal suburb located northeast of the Sydney Central Business District. The community is considered the centre of the Northern Beaches region and is home to more than 21,000 individuals. This suburb is home to Dee Why Beach that runs along its eastern border, overlooking the Tasman Sea.

Northern Beaches car owners who want the best mechanic for any car service or repair always turn to us at Peninsula Auto Clinic for help. For more than two decades, we have offered a wide range of services, including brake service, clutch service and car battery replacement.

Licensed Northern Beaches Mechanic in Dee Why

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we were able to gain the trust of car owners by delivering high-quality every time. Realizing this goal is made easier by having qualified Northern Beaches mechanics. All hold a mechanic licence from NSW Fair Trading. In NSW, all mechanics are required to undergo the Certificate II in Automotive Studies and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses. They also need to complete an apprenticeship before receiving a licence. These requirements were put in place to ensure that all automotive mechanics in the state have the needed skills to attend to any car trouble. 

Automatic Transmission Service

With our experience and knowledge, we guarantee that every automatic vehicle that goes through the hands of our mechanics are performing at their best. Our team recommends taking a car for this car inspection when it displays the following signs:

  • A burning smell;
  • Difficulty in shifting gears;
  • A fluid leak coming from the transmission system;
  • There is abnormal movement and sounds while driving; and 
  • The vehicle is not working.

When a vehicle is brought to our shop, we check every bit and piece of the automatic transmission system to check where the issue stems and apply the best resolution. 

Pink Slip Inspection

For cars aged more than five years old, registration requires that they undergo a pink slip inspection. This vehicle inspection aims to test the vehicle’s roadworthiness. In this car service, our team conducts a brake efficiency test, assesses the vehicle’s body for abnormalities and inspects the tyre quality and tread, among other things. The certificate issued by our Mona Vale mechanic during this inspection is valid only for 42 days.

Suspension Service

A properly working suspension system is important for every driver who wants a smooth and comfortable ride. This system is responsible for several things. It can reduce the impact of shock forces on the vehicle, maintain correct wheel alignment while driving and ensure that the tyre maintains road contact while moving. With our experience, we can immediately diagnose any issues and provide the best fix for the vehicle.

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