Do EV Cars Require Mechanics & Servicing?

With more and more people becoming concerned about climate change and increasing fuel emissions, there is an increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs). These cars offer an eco-friendly way to drive around coupled with the latest advancements in automotive technology. Although Tesla ev installation chargers may have initially led the charge, all major car brands are now beginning to add ev’s and hybrid models to their product line .EVs are still smaller numbers compared to traditional petrol-powered cars. However, forecasts predict that they may soon be head-to-head to the number of petrol cars within the coming years, especially with the rising fuel prices. Aside from being powered by batteries, they function the same way as other vehicles plying the roads of Sydney. Given they share the same functions as the last car you owned, electric cars also need the same care and attention which require the expertise of a specialised EV mechanic. Our Mona Vale Mechanics here at Peninsula Auto Clinic are not EV mechanics as of yet, however we do work on Hybrid cars and if you require the expertise of a EV mechanic, we will be happy to recommend some great options.

Do EV Motors Need Maintenance?

What Happens To Your Car If You Dont Start It RegularlyYes they require the same attention to detail through servicing received by vehicles running on petrol. However, they require mechanics specialising in tending to the unique needs of an EV. Working with a mechanic with the experience and knowledge of the inner workings of an electric car is a must. While they seem to drive like any traditional vehicle, the components responsible for operating the car significantly differ from that of a petrol-powered car. Many of these vehicles come with fewer parts compared to conventional cars. The company you purchased your EV from will give you clear instructions on how regular maintenance is required, however a general rule of thumb is approximately once a year or every 15,000km driven.The electric motor used in these vehicles differentiates it from that of a petrol-powered car’s engine. The electric motor found in these types of vehicles does not require spark plugs, leads, engine filters or belts. The absence of these components means less maintenance is required for such vehicles. However, regular maintenance is still required as the electric motor and battery is still exposed to external elements such as excessive dust, vibration and hot or cold temperatures. You will also require inspections from an electrician for your ev charger installation at home.

What Are The Car Services Required by an Electric Car?

Besides ensuring a properly functioning motor, other components of the EV must also be in tip-top shape. These are some components that require regular car inspection:

  • Battery checkup – The battery is the most important part of an EV. Commonly lithium-based, this is the same battery type powering smartphones. It usually comes with a serviceable life of over a decade. Proper car battery maintenance is necessary to achieve this guarantee, as this kind of battery can start to degrade over time, which results in a reduced distance range between charges.
  • Brake service – Many electric cars come with regenerative braking. As it is rarely used, it is expected to give the brake pad a lifespan of over 25,000 kilometres.
  • Tyre service – Over-pressure and wear and tear are common issues plaguing tyres in EVs. Tyres in this vehicle tend to wear out faster compared to traditional vehicles. The car’s weight is responsible for this as the vehicle is heavier compared to petrol-powered vehicles.
  • Wiper blades, windshield wipers and washer fluid – Just like a petrol-powered vehicle, every component of EVs also will require attention. For wiper blades, regular checking can determine whether there is a need for replacement. Owners should also regularly inspect the level of their washer fluid.

How Often Does an EV Need to be Serviced?

Vehicles powered by rechargeable batteries require less overall maintenance compared to cars running on petrol. But it does not mean that EV car owners should not bring their vehicles to a highly specialised ev mechanic. It is still recommended to book in an annual car service for EVS. These vehicle inspections aim to ensure a functioning brake system, tyres and wipes, among other components.

Costs of EV Car Inspection

EV owners worried that they won’t get enough savings from this investment need not worry about car maintenance. The fewer parts needing regular maintenance makes it easier and cheaper to check the roadworthiness of an EV. 

However, the cost associated with a vehicle inspection or car repair is still dependent on the brand, size, vehicle age and technology. For example, the cost of maintaining an electric car from Hyundai will be lower compared to that needed to service a BMW electric vehicle.

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