Mechanic Manly Vale

Manly Vale car owners have trusted our car repairs and service at Peninsula Auto Clinic for years. With a team of highly experienced and trained mechanics, our team has been offering a wide range of mechanic inspections and repairs. They are experts in clutch service, 4WD inspection and automatic transmission service, among other car services. All are committed to providing only the most reliable car service and repair on this side of Sydney.

The Best Northern Beaches Mechanic in Manly Vale

At Manly Vale, locals looking for the best mechanic need not search across Sydney to have their vehicle inspected or repaired. Our team of Mona Vale mechanics are licensed and insured according to the standards laid down by NSW Fair Trading. It means that they have completed the required courses, Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. All have also gained real-life work experience by spending over three to four years in an apprenticeship setup. By meeting these requirements, they are not only qualified to hold a mechanic licence but also deliver work that ensures safety and comfort.

Brake Service

Our mechanics know every bit and piece of the car’s brake system. They have years of experience and training to easily diagnose the issue and provide the best solution. The following inspections are carried out during our brake service:

  • Disc brake inspection
  • Rear drum inspection
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement

By ensuring that every brake system component is functioning, we assure safety in every drive. 

Suspension Service

The suspension system helps reduce the shock forces on the car, maintain the correct wheel alignment at all times and ensure that the tyres make contact with the road at all times. When the car dips when stopping, drifts or pulls when turning or has uneven tyres, it is time to visit a trusted Northern Beaches mechanic for suspension service. Our team has helped thousands of car owners maintain the integrity of their car’s suspension system at its best state. 

Pink Slip Inspection

For vehicles older than five years old, a specific car service is needed before registration. The eSafety Check or pink slip inspection checks for the roadworthiness of these cars. This car inspection subjects the vehicle to a brake efficiency test, driveline inspection and electrical component assessment, among other mechanic inspections.

Contact the Trusted Mechanic for Car Service and Repair in Manly Vale Now!

We know the importance of having a properly functioning car in ensuring the safety of the driver and his passengers. To achieve this, constant maintenance is needed. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to experience why we remain the best mechanic in Manly Vale for over two decades!