Mechanic North Manly

North Manly is a northern Sydney suburb located 17 kilometres away from the central business district. Peninsula Auto Clinic has been serving this region for over 25 years. With highly skilled mechanics, our team has been offering a wide range of car services and repairs, including clutch service, exhaust repair and tyre replacement and repair. All are also known for providing the best automotive service in this side of New South Wales.

The Trusted Experienced Mona Vale Mechanic

Car owners only deserve the best car inspection and repair. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we made sure that every Northern Beaches mechanic in our team has the skills to do the job. All have completed the requirements set by NSW Fair Trading. It means that they have undergone the necessary courses, Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, and an apprenticeship. Knowledge derived from these requirements combined with their years of experience help us deliver the best automotive repair and car inspection to anyone in the Northern Beaches region.

Brake Service

Car owners usually bring their vehicle for a brake service to ensure a safe driving experience. However, safety is not the only benefit offered by a regular car inspection. It also brings significant savings and a longer lifespan. With the decreased need for emergency or major repairs, car owners can reduce the amount they spend on keeping their brake system in tip-top shape. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our Mona Vale mechanics performs a thorough check of the system, as well as the following:

  • Disc brake service
  • Rear drum service
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement

By ensuring that every component of the car’s brake is working, drivers can get peace of mind in every drive.

Car Battery Replacement

A swollen, leaking or cracked battery is an indication that a visit to the auto shop should be scheduled. These car battery conditions usually cause inconveniences like the need for jump-starting the car and the car not starting at all. Our Northern Beaches mechanics have the experience and knowledge to help repair or replace batteries in any car brand and type.

Car Repair

With years of experience, our team has seen all issues that impact car performance. We specialise in a wide range of car repair needs. We are experts in repairing a slipping clutch, malfunctioning air conditioning, bouncy rides due to a problematic suspension and an exhaust system that needs replacement.

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Our team has been helping car owners make the most of their vehicles with world-class vehicle inspections and car repairs. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to experience why we are the number 1 local mechanic for locals in North Manly and the rest of Northern Beaches today!