4WD Repairs Bayview

Bayview car owners who want only the highest quality of automotive repair should take a look at Peninsula Auto Clinic. We have been serving our Northern Beaches customers for over 25 years. Our team of the most qualified and experienced mechanics specialise in a variety of car services and repairs, including 4WD repairs, clutch service and pink slip inspections. All of them are also committed to providing the best customer service on this side of Sydney.

Experienced and Qualified Mechanic for 4WD Car Inspection and Repairs

NSW Fair Trading requires that every individual engaged in automotive work hold an NSW motor vehicle repairer’s licence. This licence comes after finishing the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses plus three to four years of apprenticeship. The requirements ensure that every Northern Beaches mechanic handling cars has the needed experience and knowledge to identify and resolve common car issues.

What is a 4WD Car Service and Repair?

Vehicles with 4WD capability are mostly used off-road. Given the nature of their use, it is exposed to more pressure compared to an ordinary urban car. It is why at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we ensure that we pay extra attention to parts that meet greater demand when taken off-road. Our 4WD car inspection sees our mechanics checking the vehicle’s brake lines, front and rear differentials and transfer case. Apart from these car parts, we also inspect the state of those we regularly check during an ordinary car service.

How Many Times Should I Bring My Car for 4WD Mechanic Inspection?

Our Mona Vale mechanics recommend having a car undergo a 4WD mechanic inspection every 10,000 – 15,000km driven. This frequency may either go up or down depending on the use, brand and model of the vehicle.

Cost of Vehicle Inspection in NSW

In terms of vehicle inspection costs, NSW car owners should expect an average amount of $150 to $240. This number may still change depending on the needed repairs and/or replacement discovered after a mechanic inspection. Those who only want a 4WD car service should be ready to shell out between $270 and $960. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we make sure to be transparent with our customers. Each needed repair or replacement is carefully discussed first before we proceed with the work.

Contact The Best Northern Beaches Mechanic for 4WD Repairs Today!

Prevention is still better than finding yourself in an accident or a broken car in the middle of nowhere. Our Northern Beaches mechanics have the experience and skillset needed to ensure the roadworthiness of every 4WD vehicle that goes through their hands. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to have the best mechanic check your car and have the needed 4WD repairs today!