4WD Repairs Church Point

Church Point car owners only trust Peninsula Auto Clinic for whatever car service or repair they need. For 4WD vehicle owners in this Northern Beaches suburb, they only entrust their safety in the hands of our experienced and trained mechanics. We have more than two decades of experience in helping ensure that every car plying the roads of Sydney are roadworthy. We offer a variety of services, including clutch inspections, suspension service and 4WD repairs. All these services are carried out by a team of fully qualified and licensed mechanics. Each of them is committed to delivering world-class customer service.

A Licensed Mechanic Specialising in 4WD Car Service and Repairs

High-quality vehicle inspection is only possible when you have a team of skilled Northern Beaches mechanics. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we ensure that each of our team members holds a mechanic licence from NSW Fair Trading. They have undergone the required Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology, as well as the apprenticeship. These requirements prepare and equip them with the needed skill set to handle all kinds of car services and repairs.

Common Parts That Need 4WD Vehicle Inspection and Repair

A 4WD mechanic inspection, like a regular car service, also aims to ensure the roadworthiness of a car. However, it only differs as we put more emphasis on making sure that the most stressed and pressured parts are working properly. Our Mona Vale mechanics spend more time assessing the state of a 4WD vehicle’s shock absorbers, clutch, front and rear differentials and brake line, among many other parts.

The Cost of Mechanic Inspection in Sydney

Bringing in a car for a vehicle inspection will cost money. However, the exchange for guaranteeing a safe off-road drive compensates for every dollar you spend. In NSW, regular car inspection costs around $150 to $240. This figure can go up or down depending on the type, make and brand of the vehicle, as well as the needed repairs and/or replacements. When car owners only need a 4WD mechanic inspection, they need to allot about $270 to $960 depending on the needed repairs and replacements. 

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Locals across the Northern Beaches region continue to trust our mechanics due to the consistent quality of car inspection and repair we offer. After more than 25 years, we continue to strive to be updated with the latest in automotive work so that we can better serve our loyal customers. To experience why we are held as the best mechanic in Church Point for 4WD repairs and other vehicle inspections and repairs, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!