Automatic Transmission Service Avalon

Trusted Auto Transmission Service Avalon

Each person in Avalon can rely on Peninsula Auto Clinic to provide the best Auto Transmission Service in the Northern Beaches. Avalon is a suburb of the Northern Beaches of Sydney and has over 9,900 people living in it. Within the suburb, there are two heritage-listed sites, including the Loggan Rock as well as the Walter Burley Griffin Lodge. A commercial centre is also within the suburb, opposite Avalon Beach, which locals can do regular shopping. Moreover, Avalon Beach also offers picnic space with the community enjoying their spare and family time. An RSL, bowling and golf clubs, as well as other facilities, are also within Avalon. Surfing is also popular in Avalon where many will travel to enjoy surfing, and also simple swimming and body boarding. Peninsula Auto Clinic promises that we offer the most accurate and reliable auto transmission service, available for all members of the Avalon community to utilise for any type of vehicle.

Servicing all Cars and Models

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we are the best for working on auto transmission systems on all types of cars. We have over 25 years of experience and are the most professional automatic transmission specialist operators. Each car serviced by us will ensure that all transmission issues are properly handled with. Likewise, simple transmission maintenance, like automatic transmission fluid change, is successfully completed. All automatic transmission repair services are completed by our trusted and experienced tradesmen. We use quality parts, tools and techniques in the process to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality transmission service.

Inspecting the car transmission is another process of our work, including tests to see if there are any issues. The vehicle transmission is a really important system of the car so we always make sure it is working correctly. Moreover, as it is important, we recommend regular service on the system, at least once a year for safe measures. Our Car Service includes the transmission system, but specific servicing on the transmission is advised as well. No matter the service or repair, the transmission system after we have worked on it will be of high quality. For all Avalon residents, our transmission services are guaranteed to be the most reliable and efficient.

Any Vehicle Receiving Transmission Servicing

The Auto Transmission Service provided by Peninsula Auto Clinic is always going the be perfect for each Avalon resident. This is because we work fast and properly on each car and make sure that the transmission is working safely. Because it is so important for safe driving, we will always make sure the car leaves with the system working correctly.

Our Car Repair service also covers the auto transmission system, and also each other area of the car. We are available to all Avalon residents, so call us at 9999 2553 or email us at We also encourage reading on what happens in a car service to know what else will happen when we service your car.