Brake Service Avalon

Avalon is a beachside suburb north of Sydney. Being 37 kilometers away from the central business district, it is the perfect place for quick unwinding. For those who find themselves needing a brake service expert, we at Peninsula Auto Clinic are ready to help! We are a family business that serves the automotive maintenance and repair requests of Avalon residents and visitors alike.

Expert Break Service in Avalon

Avalon locals have trusted our service for more than 25 years. The trust given to us is a testament to the quality of work done by our team of talented mechanics including our brake specialists. We offer major automotive services including car battery replacement, exhaust repair, suspension service, and 4WD servicing and repairs.

Benefits of Regular Brake Service

Experts continuously remind drivers to subject their vehicles to a regular checkup. A routine service makes sure that the vehicle is fit to function and delivery what it is expected to do. Regularly setting any vehicle to be checked by a brake mechanic offers a lot of benefits. A brake service is a guarantee to lower costs associated with brake repair. It also lengthens the lifespan of the vehicle’s braking system. This preventive measure translates to reduced car brake repair costs. Asking a brake specialist to conduct an inspection also ensures that every trip made using the care is safe and that the brake system will work when it is most needed.

Signs That a Break Service Is Needed

If a vehicle does not routinely undergo brake service, it is easy to spot if an appointment with us should be done ASAP. There are several tell-tale signs that the car’s brake system is not in its normal state. First, the vehicle tends to roll even after the brakes have been applied. Second, the car’s handbrake does not work as the vehicle continues to move even if the handbrake is up. Third, the vehicle tends to make loud noises when braking. The noise is an indication that a brake repair is needed as the brake pad is already worn out. Lastly, the brake light is not working, As this is a warning sign to fellow drivers, it is best to have it repaired immediately to avoid collision with other vehicles.  Break fluids also play an important role in a good performing brake system. Read more about how to inspect and maintain it on our blog post.

Licensed Brake Specialists

We are located in Mona Vale but our services cater to the locals of the Sydney suburbs. Our team of brake specialists is trained to work on all kinds of vehicles, car models, and vehicle manufacturers. As an additional guarantee, each of our brake mechanics is licensed and experienced to handle all kinds of brake problems. For a dependable brake service in Avalon, call Peninsula Auto Clinic now!