Car Service Newport

Expert Car Service Newport

Delivering a range of Car Service jobs to all of Newport is us here at Peninsula Auto Clinic. The suburb of Newport is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and has over 9,300 people living in it. 31km north of the Sydney CBD, this suburb is surrounded by water and offers amazing places to experience. Both Newport Beach and Bungan Beach are amazing beaches within the suburb. They offer amazing waves for surfers and regular swimmers to enjoy. Likewise, they are great for physical activity to simply enjoying the sun.

The Newport Arms Hotel is a well-known place where many locals and tourists will visit on afternoons and night time. The place offers amazing hospitality, with pubs, bars and food sources which Newport appreciates. The car service provided by Peninsula Auto Clinic is always the best and most reliable place for Newport residents. We understand how to work on all cars and can easily supply service on any system or part of the car.

Servicing and Repairs All Cars

When you book a service here with us at Peninsula Auto Clinic, know that our experienced car mechanic team will work on your car professionally. The car service cost is affordable with us and comes with exceptional results. Both minor and major car servicing is included and the quality of work is professional. Likewise, the service centre is full of advanced machinery and tools to ensure the auto repair service is of top quality. The qualified mechanics work on time and work so the car drives properly long term. Know that the car maintenance we offer is of high quality and unlike anywhere else.

For instance, brake service will have tests and inspections on the entire system to ensure it functions correctly. Any vehicle serviced will be properly handled and servicing to suit the needs of the car. All systems are correctly operated with quality parts and no job is rushed or completed with faults. The auto service covers air conditioning to the auto transmission system, all areas of the vehicle properly serviced. Newport should, as a result, always trust Peninsula Auto Clinic for professional car service. Our work is always of high quality, with the results being excellent and the whole service overall being outstanding.

Newport Quality Car Service

Peninsula Auto Clinic and our expert Car Service jobs are the greatest for those in Newport. We work efficiently to have the car serviced properly in the shortest time possible. Similarly, we ensure all parts of the car are services, while also never rushing or performing any incomplete jobs. Each car is properly taken care of, with the servicing is of professional quality each and every time.

Our services extend to Car Repair jobs where all damages and issues of the car are correctly handled with. Moreover, we advise knowing what generally is involved in a car service to have more familiarity with the process. For each person in Newport needing quality car service call us on 9999 2553 or email us at We are located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!