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Professional Car Service – Pittwater

Peninsula Auto Clinic offers everyone in the Pittwater region quality Car Service work for all cars. Pittwater is both a region of a group of suburbs in the Northern Beaches, as well as is a natural zone. Many suburbs of the Pittwater area include Avalon, Palm Beach, Mona Vale and Narrabeen.

Furthermore, there is an abundance of natural places in Pittwater, such as Coasters retreat, Horseshoe Cove, Browns Bay and Lovett Bay. Additionally, the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is on the western side of Pittwater, with the eastern side mainly holding the suburbs. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanical shop is located in Mona Vale and we offer our car services to all of Pittwater.

Quality Car Service Near Me

Pittwater can always rely on Peninsula Auto Clinic to perform the best car maintenance and service within the Northern Beaches. Each car mechanic apart of our team is fully qualified, while also able to perform all types of services. Moreover, our mechanics are more than capable of working on all types of cars no matter the brand, model or year. Furthermore, our auto repair includes us servicing on all parts of the car, as well as, on all systems.

Servicing the car comes with both minor and major services which we are perfectly able to complete both. Each one includes a proper car inspection on all systems to identify if there are any hidden issues or defects. Depending on the type of service will determine what activities we do, however, all tasks are completed properly and efficiently. From replacing fluids of the car to servicing the braking system, our mechanics will make sure the car is handled safely.

With over 25 years of experience, Peninsula Auto Clinic has been providing Pittwarer with exceptional car services. We make sure that the car service cost with us is low but also comes with exceptionally good service. No matter the person, cart or service, each job we perform is done professionally and on-time. All mechanics with us are passionate about providing top-quality servicing to each person, therefore we highly recommend our car services.

Trusted Pittwater Mechanics Performing Car Services

Each Car Service performed here at Peninsula Auto Clinic is completed properly and is the most reliable for the Pittwater region. We perform all services using the most advanced techniques and machinery as well as utilising our skill. We make sure each job is performed correctly, while also handling the car with professional care.

Moreover, we offer Car Repair services for Pittwater to ensure that all cars are driving safely.  We also encourage reading our blog on ‘what needs to be serviced on a car service’ to understand the reasons and needs for minor and major car services. Pittwater can always rely on Peninsula Auto Clinic for quality car service – call us on 9999 2553 or email us at We make sure all cars are services correctly, are given the highest amount of skill and that the job is completed on time. We are located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!