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Professional Automotive Services – Church Point

Peninsula Auto Clinic provides expert Automotive Services to everyone living in Church Point. The suburb of Church Point is within the Northern Beaches of Sydney, being a waterside suburb as well. There are more than 1,000 people living in Church Point with many having beautiful views of the Mccarrs Creek. The Waterfront Cafe and General Store is a local place where many will visit and is near the Church Point Wharf.

Church Point Beach offers a cafe, as well as views of Scott’s Island and the National Park. Furthermore, Bothams Beach is another beach in Church Point that many locals will go for a relaxing day with beautiful views and waters. When needing professional mechanics to perform all types of automotive services, call Peninsula Auto Clinic open to all of Church Point.

Quality Automotive Services and Repairs

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer a large range of different automotive services covering all areas of the car. With our variety of car services, our mechanics are able to participate and perform any of these jobs. Along with 25 years of experience, our team will always finish each job on time and safely. For all repairs and services, we complete it is assured that we will utilise our full knowledge to our best potential. No matter if it is working on an exhaust repair or performing a basic Car Service each task it performed with expert techniques.

We have made sure that our auto shop is equipped with the best tools and machinery to help us perform better automotive services. However, we make sure to combine both our skills and the tools we have to complete each job successfully. This applies to all our work where we will ensure that all cars and jobs receive our full attention. We work for what is best for our customers and we value providing exceptional service to everyone.

We are able to work on all cars, including all sizes, models and years, and also on all car systems. The automotive services here at Peninsula Auto Clinic are guaranteed the most reliable for Church Point and all its residents. We promise to always deliver expert services, furthermore, will never perform faulty jobs or create further dilemmas.

Automotive Services Performed by Experts

The Automotive Services offered to Church Point by Peninsula Auto Clinic are always going to be the best for the suburb. Covering all systems of the car our services will always be the most effective and efficient. Moreover, we will easily be able to operate on any car and have all of our customers wants and needs properly met.

Furthermore, our Car Repair services have us fixing all types of problems with any car of any kind. Additionally, we encourage reading our blog on ‘how much does it cost to repair a car’ to be familiar with the different costs of a car repair.

For everyone in Church Point needing automotive services – call us on 9999 2553 or email us at We are located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!