Clutch Service Bayview

Bayview is a Northern Beaches suburb with over 3,000 locals and a dozen of businesses. Peninsula Auto Clinic is their preferred clutch service provider whenever they need help with their car’s clutch. For more than 25 years, we have been serving locals of this suburb and other Northern Beaches communities with services like car battery replacement, exhaust service and automatic transmission service.

Trusted Clutch Specialist in Bayview

We know that our customers continue to trust us because of the expertise of our Northern Beaches mechanics. All of them have undergone the required training courses, Certificate II in Automotive Studies and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, to gain basic and more advanced knowledge in repairing light vehicles like cars and motorcycles. They have also completed more than 3-4 years of apprenticeship to gain real-world experiences in dealing with common car issues. Completing these requirements is needed for them to receive their motor vehicle repairer’s licence from NSW Fair Trading.

Clutch Service

To always have a smooth driving experience, it is best to have your clutch regularly checked. A clutch service ensures that the connection between the vehicle’s engine and transmission is working properly. Given that it is hard to see whether it is due for a clutch replacement, it is best to bring the car regularly to Peninsula Auto Clinic. Our clutch specialists are dedicated to making sure that any vehicle that goes through them is roadworthy.

Common Clutch Issues

Familiarising with common clutch issues helps in determining whether it is time to bring the car to a mechanic. Clutch fluid leak, failure of the clutch master cylinder and clutch vibrations or shudders are common problems car owners experience. It is best to immediately bring it for a clutch replacement or service to determine which solution is best.

When is a Clutch Replacement Needed?

Our clutch specialists recommend that vehicles be subjected to a clutch service every 100,000 kilometres driven. Given its importance in how the car works, it is best to have it routinely checked to determine its health and whether it needs clutch replacement or not. To know more about the frequency of bringing a vehicle for a car inspection, read more about it on our blog post “How Often Should You Service Your Car?

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Aside from being the best “clutch repair near me,” we also offer other specific car services. All of our mechanics are trained in brake service, pink slip inspection and tyre replacement and repair. To learn more about the clutch service we offer to Bayview locals and their neighbouring communities, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!