Clutch Service Newport

Newport car owners need not worry when they find issues with their clutch. Peninsula Auto Clinic is a multi-awarded auto repair business that serves Newport and other suburban areas in Sydney. We offer a wide range of services including clutch service, brake repair, car battery replacement and other car repairs. Since ‘94, we have committed ourselves to offer the best auto repair and customer service for locals.

Clutch Repair Near Me in Newport

Our team of highly trained and experienced clutch specialists is our secret why customers keep coming back to us. Our mechanics have completed all requirements needed to obtain their license. They were able to do that by completing Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, as well as the needed apprenticeship, to expose them to real-world car troubles. To know more about mechanics and their license, read our post on the topic. 

Clutch Service

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer a clutch service that acts as a preventive measure to ensure that every part of any vehicle is working as it should. Our clutch specialists recommend that a car or any kind of vehicle undergo a clutch service every 100,000 kilometres driven. A regular clutch service involves our mechanics doing a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s clutch system. The inspection is vital to ensure that each part of it will respond when the driver hit the clutch pad. 

Clutch Replacement

For car owners who are having trouble with their clutch, our mechanics are very capable of isolating the cause of a faulty clutch and have it repaired in no time. Clutch fluid leaks, slipping clutch, clutch vibrations and master cylinder failure are among the most common repairs done by our mechanics on cars travelling the roads of Sydney. If there is a need for a total clutch replacement, our team of mechanics also have the proper knowledge and training to have it replaced with the newest and most modern clutch system available in the market. ssue and replace parts if needed. The more common issues the clutch system faces are fluid leaks, vibrations, system failures and a slipping clutch. Each repair is carried out professionally which means proper tools and techniques are utilised for the clutch system. With using the right tools our mechanics correctly repair the clutch and prevent further issues developing. Replacements of clutch system parts are performed if repairs are not suited or the part is too worn. Peninsula Auto Clinic is the most reliable place for Mona Vale to trust for clutch services – email us now at!

Cost of Clutch Repair and Service

While we strive to provide the best clutch repair service in Newport, it does not mean that we overcharge our clients on every work we do. We believe that a world-class service does not need to empty the pockets of our customers. Based on our estimates, a car repair costs about $150 to $240 but it will still depend on the brand, nature of the trouble and the parts that need replacement. For a clutch repair or service, the cost is between $50 and $2,000 depending on the assessment made by our mechanics and the needed replacement or upgrade. To know more about costs associated with maintaining a car, read our blog post “How Much Does A Car Service Cost?

A Highly Qualified Clutch Repair in Newport

For over two decades in business, we have built a trusted name in suburbs across the city in terms of providing the right and quality repairs at an affordable price. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic through our website or by calling us at 9999 2553 for a clutch service today!