Clutch Service Palm Beach

Palm Beach is part of Sydney’s Northern Beaches region. It is home to more than 1,500 residents who trust Peninsula Auto Clinic when their cars broke down. We are a family-run and operated business located in Mona Vale and serves every suburban neighbourhood in Sydney with the most needed car repair and service including clutch service.

Trusted Clutch Specialist in Palm Beach

Car owners around Sydney trust only one name when it comes to ensuring that their vehicle is working as it should. Since we started the business, we have always been committed to providing a flawless mechanic service to all kinds of vehicles used in the area. Our team of mechanics specialise in several repairs and service including brake repair, car air conditioning service and tyre replacement and repair.

Clutch Service

The clutch is a mechanical device found in manual transmission vehicles that engages and disengages the power transmission to move. Friction plays an important function in how the clutch works. For it to be working properly at all times, it is best to have it regularly checked. But car owners should only have their vehicles serviced by a trusted and qualified mechanic. The clutch service offered by Peninsula Auto Clinic stands out as it thoroughly checks every part of the system to ensure that each of them is in its best condition and working properly. After the inspection, our mechanics also carry out the needed repairs if warranted. Our clutch specialists recommend a clutch service when a car or any kind of vehicle every time it has been driven every 100,000 kilometres.

Clutch Replacement

Replacing the clutch or any of its parts is best to make sure that every trip is safe. Also given the important function of this car part, it is best to have it working properly to drive more comfortably and with peace of mind every time. A replacement is usually advised when our clutch specialists identify that the clutch has been suffering from too many issues and is already worn out due to heavy use. 

Cost of Clutch Service and Replacement

Getting a clutch service may seem like an extra expense but it gives assurance that no car owner will find themselves in the middle of nowhere with a faulty clutch. To get an insight on how much a car owner is expected to spend, this is an estimate for every clutch service and replacement of the clutch. For a clutch service, car owners can spend between $50 and $2,000. Clutch replacement cost depends on the type of vehicle. Owners can expect to spend between $500 and $1,200 for a small car while big car owners are expected to shell out up to $2,000.

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Having a car regularly serviced is a must for every car owner. The clutch is among those parts that need more love from car owners given the integral function it does when driving any vehicle. For a “clutch specialist near me” in Palm Beach, call the Peninsula Auto Clinic today!