Clutch Service St Ives

St Ives car owners only turn to Peninsula Auto Clinic when they need a car service or repair. For more than two decades, we have been catering to the automotive needs of people in St Ives and neighbouring communities. We are experts in 4WD service, brake service, pink slip inspections and automatic transmission service, among other services. Our team has also been committed to providing only the best customer experience on this side of Sydney. 

The Recommended Mechanic for 4WD Vehicle Inspection in St Ives

NSW Fair Trading requires all mechanics to have a licence and insurance before offering their services. A would-be mechanic needs to complete the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses and an apprenticeship. These requirements prepare them to do any service or repair needed by any type of vehicle.

What is a 4WD Service?

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, every car that goes through our 4WD service is guaranteed roadworthy. This car service is crucial for a safe and easy driving experience, especially those vehicles frequently used off-road. We follow a rigid process to ensure that each component comprising the 4WD system runs smoothly. Our mechanics perform the following car inspection to guarantee the roadworthiness of every 4WD vehicle that goes into service:

  • Assessment of the automatic transmission system, if the vehicle is an automatic 4WD.
  • Draining of the transfer case and refilling of clean fluid.
  • Inspection of the air filter, fuel filter and braking system.
  • Testing the 4WD capabilities of the vehicle.
  • Changing of engine oil.
  • Inspection of tyre pressure.

When to Bring a Car For a 4WD Service?

Our 4WD specialists recommend bringing over the car for every 100,000km driven. A regular inspection allows professionals to check the health of every component of the 4WD system. Through these routine vehicle inspections, we can ensure that the transfer case, brake lines and front and rear differentials of the vehicle are properly working.

Cost of a 4WD Service

Car owners worrying about the cost of a 4WD service is the number one reason why most don’t bring their vehicle for regular maintenance. In NSW, a full car service costs an estimated $150 to $240. This amount may go up or down depending on the location of the auto shop and the needed replacements and repairs. For a 4WD service, the price may be between $270 and could rise to about $960.

Contact the Trusted Northern Beaches Mechanic for 4WD Service in St Ives Now!

A roadworthy car always helps prevent unexpected car breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. It also helps in reducing the chances of accidents. Those looking for the best Northern Beaches mechanics who can do high-quality car repairs and services should check our shop. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to have the most skilled and trusted mechanic in St Ives for 4WD service today!