Clutch Service Warriewood

Warriewood in Sydney, NSW is a suburban neighbourhood located in the city’s northern area and is part of the Northern Beaches region. This mostly residential area relies on Peninsula Auto Clinic for their car repair and service needs including clutch service, car aircon repair and brake service.

Number 1 Clutch Specialist in Warriewood

We, at Peninsula Auto Clinic, are committed to delivering reliable and guaranteed repair to any kind, brand and condition of vehicles. Our team of expert mechanics all underwent proper training per NSW Fair Trading to ensure that they know what they are doing. It is a guarantee to our customers that they are only getting the best for their cars. We believe that we have proven that specialty in the more than 25 years of serving our customers in Warriewood and other suburban areas in Sydney. 

Clutch Replacement

The car’s clutch is the component that connects the rotating crankshaft of the engine to a traditional manual transmission. In short, it is the car part responsible for allowing the driver to change the gear for stick shift vehicles. A faulty clutch is a common problem faced by mechanics due to the role it plays when moving a vehicle. Failure of the master cylinder, clutch fluid leaks and slipping clutches are some of the typical reasons for a clutch replacement. Our mechanics all know what to do when they see a car with a clutch problem. They can either fix or replace the malfunctioning clutch in a matter of minutes.

Clutch Service

A regular clutch service is advised for any type of vehicle. This routine inspection ensures that the clutch, as well as other components of the vehicle, are working properly. Our clutch service mechanics recommend it done every 100,000 kilometres recorded by a car. In a regular clutch service done by our mechanics, they do a thorough inspection of each part of the clutch system. This detailed assessment allows them to check for irregularities that may impact the performance of the clutch while the vehicle is running.

Cost of Clutch Service

Maintaining a car is expensive but we make sure that each dollar you spent on us will enable you to have peace of mind while driving. A clutch service at Peninsula Auto Clinic can go as low as $50 to $2,000 depending on the severity of the clutch’s condition. The price may go up or down also depending on the needed replacement parts and their availability. Read more about the cost of a car service in our blog post.

Clutch Repair Near Me in Warriewood

Prevention is better than finding oneself in the middle of nowhere with a faulty clutch. Regular car service to check the integrity of each part of the clutch is important to ensure that it’ll function when most needed. For the most recommended and go-to clutch service in Warriewood, call Peninsula Auto Clinic now!