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Delivering a wide range of Automotive Services for Elanora is us here at Peninsula Auto Clinic. Elanora is located on a hill allowing it to overlook the Tasman Sea and Narrabeen Lagoon. As well as being in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Elanora is a mostly residential suburb that has few shops. With this, the suburb’s 4,300 residents enjoy the two local golf courses where native animals are often seen. This is because the Garigal National Park is situated on the west of the suburb.

As a result, many bandicoots, lizards, possums and even rarer quolls often roam around the suburb. When needing professionals to complete any type of automotive service, Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best to contact. Especially for Elanora, we specialise in a range of services regarding the car and can work on all parts of the vehicle.

Trusted Car Services All Cars

The automotive repairs and services we offer here at Peninsula Auto Clinic are guarantees the best for Elanora. With having over 25 years of experience our automotive services have developed for the better. This means that we have handled all types of work, cars and systems which has helped us improve our skills. Therefore, our Car Repair and services today are of high value while including all sorts of jobs.

From wheel alignment to log book servicing, all services and repairs completed through us are at expert levels. Each mechanic with us is fully licensed, as well as, has the knowledge to perform a range of automotive services. For each task, using diagnostic equipment, exact tools and professional methods ensure that we provide quality service. Moreover, our team of mechanics are able to work on any type or model of car. With this, operating on any system in the car is also possible.  Including automatic transmission servicing to repairing the air conditioning system, we have made sure our availability with work is excellent. As mentioned, for Elanora our automotive services should be used by all residents. We are experienced and qualified to enter all types of work involved with the car. Likewise, no matter the work or car involved we will operate professionally at all times.

Elanora Automotive Services & Repairs!

The wide range of Automotive Services offered to Elanora here at Peninsula Auto Clinic should always be utilised. The team of mechanics are all specialised to perform all types of automotive services on any car. Additionally, we work efficiently on all jobs, as well as always finish on time.

Moreover, our Car Service which we offer ensures that all cars will be properly inspected, repaired and services. Also, we recommend reading our article on ‘what needs to be serviced in a car’ to understand the procedures of the servicing. For any Elanora resident needing quality automotive services – call us on 9999 2553 or email us at We promise to deliver expert services of any kind and we guarantee that we are the best for the suburb of Elanora.We are located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!