Automotive Services Ingleside

Quality Automotive Service Ingleside

The Automotive Services here at Peninsula Auto Clinic are the most reliable and professional for the people of Ingleside. Even though the area of the suburb is larger in size, Ingleside has a smaller population of over 1,000 people. The suburb has a lot of natural space throughout it but also has some landmarks in it as well. These include the Sydney Bahai Temple which was built in 1961 and was the world’s fourth one. Also, the Smoky Dawson Ranch and are other popular areas of Ingleside.

Ingleside Market is also another place where locals will visit for general shopping, especially for fruit and vegetables. For the best Automotive Services for Ingleside, Peninsula Auto Clinic is the one to call. We provide a large range of professional car services and repairs for all Ingleside to use.

Insured and Licensed Mechanical Repairs

The automotive repair and maintenance we provide here at Peninsula Auto Clinic are set at professional value. After our quality 25 years of experience working with our services and repairs, we have great knowledge in the trade. Moreover, we understand all the best methods and techniques for each specific service we complete. Open to all of Ingleside residents, our fully qualified mechanics are the best at completing all types of automotive jobs. Additionally, our workers are easily able to operate all services on each and every car type and model.

Our Car Service includes a range of fantastic jobs which will make sure that your car runs perfectly at all times. With both a minor or major service we will ensure that the car is inspected and then worked on. All of our automotive services are done efficiently which the car will be available to our customers as soon as possible. No matter if it is a car battery replacement or a brake service, we will finish all jobs on time and properly. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our passionate mechanics will provide the best automotive services within the Northern Beaches. For Ingleside, we are guaranteed the most reliable place for needing trusted services done on any car.

Honest and Expert Automotive Services

Providing the most reliable and effective Automotive Service for Ingleside is us here at Peninsula Auto Clinic. Our team are the best at finishing all types of automotive services on all ranges of cars. We have over 25 years of professional experience, which has allowed us to grow in our knowledge and practical skills.

Also, our Car Repair services have us operating on any car and repairing all types of damages which the car has. Likewise, our blog article on ‘how much does it cost to repair a car’ allows a great view of the different costs involved in the process. For all of our services we work with expert skill – call us at 9999 2553 or email us at We promise that Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best place for Ingleside residents to contact when needing quality automotive services.