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Quality Automotive Services Newport 

Providing all Newport residents professional Automotive Services is us here at the experienced

Peninsula Auto Clinic. Newport has more than 9,300 people living within the suburb and is in the northern parts of the Northern Beaches. The suburb of Newport is large in its area and is a mainly residential place. However, there are still many places where the community enjoys their spare time with family and friends.

The Newport Arms Hotel is a popular place where locals will enjoy a nice meal and night. Similarly, there are many different cafes throughout Newport and also many cultural restaurants. The Newport Surf Club holds events and sporting activities where people enjoy the local waters. Similarly, the Newport Surf Life Saving Club is open for residents to involve themselves in community events. In the end, for all Newport residents, Peninsula Auto Clinic makes certain that our automotive services are the best to choose from, quality results coming from us.

Working on All Vehicle Types

Delivering high-quality automotive services to each person in Newport is the professional staff here at Peninsula Auto Clinic. The experienced team are able to successfully work on all types of vehicles and provide any needed automotive service. Moreover, we work efficiently to have the car working perfectly back to you in no time. Our focus for each job is to work at our best and complete the task using advanced and professional techniques. The services offered cover all systems of the car, more importantly, are completed on time. Exhaust repairs ensure the system properly removes all fumes and gases from the system and is clean. Moreover, the tyre replacement and repair will have us able to replace and type of tyre size or brand. No matter the Car Repair or simple service, we use advanced and planned out methods so the job is strong. Whenever we work it is with expert speeds and all Newport residents can trust us. Our workmanship is of high quality with each of our customers receiving the best Car Service. All of our jobs are finished on time with being affordable as well as efficient. For Newport, there is no better place to rely on when wanting quality and professional automotive services.

Reliable and Credible Newport Automotive Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic promises that when we work on any Automotive Services for Newport that they are of high quality. Each task we complete will have excellent results and no faulty job goes through with us. Tests and inspections, as well as professional methods are utilised for each and every service we complete.

Located at 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale, we are easily contactable for any automotive service, call us on 9999 2553, otherwise, write us an email at Like mentioned, all parts and systems of the car are included in our range of automotive services. Guaranteed, the result of each service will be of top quality and your vehicle will be safe to drive. If wanting to know more about what is involved in a car service, we offer insights on what is needed for a successful service.